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The new WWE Angle Needs Major Changes

OK, can we say the broken record needs to be fixed.

[adinserter block=”1″]What started out as a pretty good angle is losing its appeal pretty quickly in my book. All of the sudden, the new Corporate angle is beginning to be a real dud.

How many times can we see a program where the show starts out when Triple H and Randy Orton pontificate about how great they are and end with Big Show in tears or The Shield beating the hell out of Daniel Bryan.

There has to be more to this, but when will we see that happen?

The WWE has a really bad habit of running a spot in the ground and they are about to do this if something else does not happen soon in this angle. It is slowly (ok, not slowly) becoming an nWo angle where everything that is touched turns to Bischoff in one second flat. Make it stop.

If the WWE is really serious about making this work, and it can in some many ways, here are some ideas to speed things along for next week.

At some point, Big Show will knock out a member of The Shield
I thought that would happen last night and it didn’t. But Show will be asked again to beat the hell out of his friend, and when Show is left to do the dirty work, then he will “inadvertently” knock out someone like Roman Reigns.

It leads to Reigns and Show in a feud of sorts.

The Shield attacks Show and leads to a tag team battle between Show, Mark Henry and The Hounds of Justice.

Bring Cody Rhodes Back to Enter the Fight
Now, we all know Rhodes is not leaving the WWE. He is way too valuable. But here is something to think about.

Since it would appear the company just destroyed the feud between Rhodes and Damien Sandow, Rhodes now must become a major part of this angle, fighting for the Rhodes family honor and getting back the McMahons for what they did to his family, with Dusty then Dustin.

Rhodes gets over again and if Daniel Bryan faces Triple H, then maybe Rhodes and Orton face each other, with the title on the line.

Ziggler steps up
He has stated publically how he hates taking the backseat to Orton, but in reality, it will be either Ryback or Dean Ambrose he faces next.

Yes, you can forget about Big E. Langston.

Ziggler is too good an athlete to be relegated to such a role. If he is placed in a feud with Ambrose, the United States Title will be on the line.

If it’s Ryback, look for Ziggler to win some matches, but possibly see Ryback become a member of the Corporation.

Something dramatic happens

After watching the conversation between Daniel Bryan and Booker T, I still think T is the man to lead this faction. I also think he gets involved in the ring. There is something to be said for Booker T not being the general manager of SmackDown anymore.

What if Booker T is the one who comes forward, before Big Show, and says he is ready to lead and “cross the line?”

Don’t tell me you had not thought about that one.

[adinserter block=”2″]Wade Barrett
The unkindest cut of all. What if Barrett breaks his connection to the McMahons and jumps ship. Somehow, I see this happening if he continually jobs for The McMahons and then when he wants a title shot, he is squashed like a big, leading to a face change and a battle between Barrett and maybe Seth Rollins.

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  1. I am definately looking forward to how this plays out but I not a big fan of Booker T getting involved and I don't think that the "face faction" needs a leader. At least they don't need a manager type leader. I would hate to see WWE drive this angle into the ground but slow and steady wins the race so I guess we wait. I am tired of seeing the Big Show cry, I would rather he leave mad.

  2. basically just described what they're going to do, but since it hasn't happened with in 3 weeks of the start of the angle, its "losing steam"…you're the worst kind of want everything now…sometime a slow build works best..


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