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The New Day Surprisingly Rock as WWE Tag Team Champions

One of the most surprising turnarounds in WWE has been the unexpected success of current Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Once a trio that struggled on a weekly basis to connect with the audience, they have now become one of the most entertaining parts of WWE programming. They will be defending their titles once again this Sunday at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event against the recently-revived Prime Time Players.

[adinserter block=”1″]A big reason that The New Day works, is that the trio is comprised of uniquely talented performers who each offer something entirely different; Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods. All three have dedicated themselves to playing textbook, old-school heel characters, and that has captured the attention of the WWE Universe.

They cheat to win, yet use messages of positivity to disguise their intentions. It seems simple, but once they finally embraced that heel-character simplicity, The New Day became an overnight success. The audience genuinely hates them and makes it known every time their music hits. Being hated on such a large scale takes talent, and The New Day delivers every time they cut a promo.

For a long time, the audience complained that WWE’s tag team division was lacking depth. However, at the Elimination Chamber event, six tag teams were involved in one match, and all looked like legitimate, worthwhile teams. It truly is a “New Day” in the tag team division, and the current champions can cement their place at the top by defeating fan-favorites the Prime Time Players in a clean victory.

The New Day should continue to dominate the tag team division, just as they have for the past few months, while further strengthening their reign. They are the top heel characters in the newly revived division, and should keep the titles until a deserving team is built up to defeat them.

They baby face aspect of the tag team division has recently been damaged with the injuries of Tyson Kidd and Jey Uso, both members of top baby face tag teams. The Prime Time Players, Titus O’Neal and Darren Young, have reunited and their popularity skyrocketed after their phenomenal showing at Elimination Chamber. If booked correctly, PTP could easily become the top baby face tag team in the company, and could defeat The New Day for the titles after countless failures, ideally at SummerSlam. A drawn out feud between the two teams mixed with a huge SummerSlam crowd would make a Tag Team Championship title change feel like a big deal once again.

The Prime Time Players are not only stellar inside of the ring, but also on the microphone, and they have the ability to give The New Day a run for their money in promos. There are now so many credible teams within WWE’s Tag Team division, and it’s likely that other teams will also rise to the occasion between now and SummerSlam. However, with the insane amount of true heat The New Day is receiving from the audience, it would benefit everyone if they retained their titles for the foreseeable future. When a group is able to get such a large reaction from the audience, whether it’s positive or negative, you just can’t stop their momentum.

[adinserter block=”2″]The New Day must put on an excellent match with The Prime Time Players this Sunday at Money in the Bank, and make them appear to be credible contenders before retaining their titles. Build up the feud leading into SummerSlam, and the match is guaranteed to be a big deal in the eyes of the audience.

After dominating the division for months, the loss of their titles will set up fresh storylines for The New Day, and will help the team that eventually ends their long-standing reign be taken seriously by the WWE Universe. We all love to hate them, and The New Day’s hot streak must continue at Money in the Bank and beyond.

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