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The Mr. Kennedy Curse Continues

kennedyIt is official, Mr. Kennedy is cursed. Ken. Kennedy returned from injury to WWE action last night on RAW after a nine-month absence. By the time WWE RAW went off the air last night, Kennedy was injured once again.

According to Mike Johnson at PWinsider.com, Mr. Kennedy reportedly suffered an injury as a result of Randy Orton’s RKO last night. This was Kennedy’s first WWE match back since dislocating his shoulder last August. Kennedy is either cursed, clumsy, or just has the worst luck in the world.

Since entering the WWE, Kennedy has had a streak of bad luck. In Kennedy’s first WWE pay-per-view match, he seriously injured Hardcore Holly’s ribs. A few days later he wrestled Eddie Guerrero in Eddie’s last match. Less than a month later he suffered a severe latissimus dorsi tear and missed six months. This was just the start of Ken Kennedy’s WWE legacy.

Kennedy returned and was touted to be the next big WWE superstar. Kennedy won the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania 23 and was on track for a big year. Kennedy was never able to cash in on the prize or his push. An injury forced the WWE to abandon the storyline and sent Kennedy to injured reserve.

Kennedy was now on track to get an even bigger push. Kennedy was expected to be named Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. There isn’t much better than being associated with Vince McMahon in a storyline. Shortly before Kennedy would be revealed as the son, he was suspended for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. The spot would later go to Hornswaggle.

Kennedy became a staunch defender of the WWE following the Chris Benoit family tragedy to the media. WWE wrestlers were under attack for steroids and drug abuse. Kennedy publicly denied ever using steroids and was very critical of anyone who accused WWE talent of using performance enhancement drugs. The suspension was a huge source of embarrassment for Kennedy and the WWE.

Kennedy’s troubles only grew when he returned to WWE action. Kennedy was itching back into a top spot on WWE RAW. Kennedy wrestled John Cena on RAW in October 2007. Cena suffered a major injury during the match and missed significant time. While it was a freak accident, the fact that Kennedy was a part of it was enough to put him into the dog house.

Kennedy was drafted back to WWE SmackDown in 2008. Kennedy had a decent shot at yet another big push. Kennedy wound up dislocating his shoulder at a house show against Shelton Benjamin. Kennedy appeared sporadically on television, but was out of WWE action until last night. Freak injury or not, the injury probably cost Kennedy any kind of an immediate push on RAW.

I also think it should be pointed out that Kennedy looked physically much different last night on RAW. It appeared to me that Kennedy lost a significant amount of weight and muscle. Compared to the other top WWE stars, he looked very small.

Where things go from here is anyone’s guess? It is well-known that he is down to his lives in the WWE. Some have said that he is one injury away from being an unemployed WWE wrestler. While I wouldn’t wish his luck on anyone, some would call it a bit of karma for the things he said following the Benoit tragedies.

In other RAW notes – What the hell happened to MVP’s push? I know he wrestled in the main-event, but it looks like his immediate issue with the Legacy has been dropped. He didn’t even wrestle on WWE Judgment Day. I will say that it looked the fans really haven’t reacted strongly to MVP with his new push the last few weeks. On the other hand, I think he deserves a little bit of time if this is where they want to go.

Vince McMahon returned and wasted fifteen minutes of my life with a segment that had nothing to do with anything with the WWE. I think the ignorance of the Randy Orton vs. McMahon feud was pretty ridiculous. Vince is in the house, he is back, and neither he nor Orton acknowledged one another. Randy “crippled” family members, yet Stan Kroenke is the primary source of his anger?

So how many more guys will Randy Orton feud with before the month is over? Currently Randy Orton is technically feuding with Kennedy, MVP, Batista, and now Ric Flair. Is Kofi Kingston next? I think it is getting a bit ridiculous and it has never been more obvious that the WWE is in desperate need of some more top heels.

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