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The Most Important Attributes Of Successful WWE Superstars

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The WWE is definitely entertaining, there’s no denying that. However, what are the key ingredients for a good show? It’s all about the fighters or the way they interact, about the MC or the hot chicks between rounds? Many say that it’s all about the fighters and their skills so we looked into the subject and made a list of the most successful wrestlers in history.

Triple H

Triple H is definitely a legend in WWE, being a fighter that really had a big impact on the evolution of this sport. His main strength was in-ring psychology as he knew exactly how to make his opponents lose their minds even before throwing the first punch. This advanced control of psychology combined with his drawing power made him a very solid competitor.

John Cena

Considered by most the biggest success to come out of WWE in the past 15 years, Cena made his debut in 2002 and rapidly became one of WWE superstars. And he wasn’t a superstar for nothing, he had the perfect combination of strength, looks, in-ring and out of ring and awesome attitude made him that. Even though a lot of time has passed since he was the shining diamond of WWE, Cena is still number one in terms of merchandise and that says a lot about how big he was for wrestling.

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The Rock

While having strength and height as main attributes, The Rock really conquered the world of wrestling with his mic work. You can definitely say about the rock that he was the most charismatic fighter in WWE history and everything he did was backed up with a lot of cheers from the crows. Unfortunately, the period spent in wrestling was quite short since with all that charisma and the body of a god, he quickly found success as an actor. The action movies he takes part in become instant hits and his most recent appearances in the Fast and Furious series, really stole the show.

The Undertaker

Everything about The Undertaker makes him the WWE legend that he is. From his gimmick, spectacular entrances, sheer force, the way he taunts the opponents all the way to the streak and overall contribution to the wrestling history. The character that he wears is so well-defined, strong and confident that no other wrestler in the competition ever had a bad thing to say about The Undertaker. And we’re talking about wrestling here, everyone talks trash about their opponents. Well, not about Undertaker and that’s a statement on how strong he was in the world of wrestling.

Hulk Hogan

Even if you’re not a WWE enthusiast, you definitely heard about Hulk Hogan at least once. For many people, he actually represents wrestling in many ways. And one thing is for sure, he really revolutionized this sport. Even though his grapping skills were not the best, he definitely compensated with charisma and the control he had over the crowd. Definitely the first WWE star to go globally and a fighter that pushed WWE to the glory days they live for some time now.

So there you go, it’s not always about muscle, agility and ferocity. Sometimes, charisma is the best weapon of a WWE wrestler and, most of the time, it’s that special trait that really makes the difference. Spending countless hours in the gym and getting big is something that almost anyone can achieve. But a real WWE superstar is more than that.

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