The Most Famous Fails for WWE Stars

Harley Race

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There truly is no sport quite like WWE. The phenomenon has made a major comeback in recent years, and the corporation is bigger than ever. With burgeoning scenes in Japan, Germany and the UK, the sport has gone truly global, and there’s more action on hand than ever before. However, it hasn’t always been plain sailing for the wrestlers themselves. From a combination of bad luck and poor decisions, many wrestlers have failed to fulfill their potential. We’re going to have a look at a few of them, including:

  • Former NWA stars
  • A WCW major player
  • The poor man’s Hulk Hogan

Harley Race Didn’t Get the End He Deserved

Harley Race signed on to WWE in 1986, though rumours about that Vince McMahon had made him an impressive offer in 1983. Race was nothing if not an amazing wrestler, and earned a reputation as a great heel with the talent to hold onto the title seven times. However, once he passed the belt on to Rick Flair, everything started to enter a slow descent. Once he had signed up with WWE, they labelled him ‘The King’ and provided Bobby Heenan as manager. A poor lineup of wrestlers and events meant that it didn’t take long before he passed on his kingly duties to Haku. A grim end to a career that had been so promising.

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Lex Luger Flopped as the New Hogan

Lex Luger was billed as the new Hulk Hogan for a long time. He seemed tipped for great things, and was expected by many to become a regular feature at main events. While he may not have been perfect, he was still a big hit with the fans. Over the course of his career in WCW he had picked up a number of different titles, playing both heel and face at different points. As heel, he was The Narcissist, a self centred villain that was the perfect material for Luger. However, an about turn led to him being pushed as an all-American hero in a match against Yokozuna, an event that he did not win. It was an astonishing outcome for a wrestler who had his fair share of good points. His final years in the company were marred by mediocre writing and half hearted feuds. It’s no surprise that when he was offered a route back to WCW, he leapt at the chance.

The Funk Brothers Deserved Better

Terry and Dory Funk were a fantastic combination, the one of them offering technical ability, and the other providing great street fighting skills. They became the only pair of brothers to each hold the NWA World Title at various points. However, despite their evident skills, they never quite got the opportunities they deserved. Even fighting side by side in WWE, the writing and organization meant that events still felt somewhat flat. It taking take very long before Terry left the company, and Dory followed him soon after. WWE had provided them with poor schedules that failed to make much out of their obvious talents. A handful of later runs provided further evidence that the company was not for them.

These are just a few of the fantastic heels and faces that passed through the hallowed halls of WWE without leaving the impact they ought to have. It’s a shame that such great talent went to waste, but they generally picked up a career in other leagues. It seems that there are time when WWE is just not the right option.

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