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The Miz, The Shield, and other WWE Survivor Series Thoughts

So it would seem the brutality of the attacks on The Miz over the last few months, coupled with the fact he has been stuck in mid car purgatory and the other fact that a feud with Kofi Kingston is just good for business, the WWE will probably welcome The Miz’s heel persona back to the company with open arms.

[adinserter block=”1″]For the past year, since Survivor Series, The Miz has been walking an uneven line that has been of superstar, fan favorite, a tag tem partner once of John Cena’s, a strutting, figure-four using son of a gun with Ric Flair, a television host on Miz TV and now and a wounded warrior the hands of Randy Orton and the Big Show.

The Miz is perfect in the “heel” position with the company – the only problem being the WWE had better use him effectively or he will fall into the wasteland with disenchanted wrestlers like Kingston Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Curtis Axel.

Now, come to think of it, a tag team featuring Axel and Miz makes perfect sense in the year to come.

Maybe the WWE can listen to what I have been saying and find a way to air Sheamus with Wade Barrett and somehow and Drew McIntyre and William Regal to the mix and form one bad ass stable?

We all know something like that, which sounds too good to be true won’t happen anytime time soon.

The Shield as a face trio?

We all know on Sunday when we watch the 12-man tag team match between The Shield and Wyatts against The Rhodes, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk and The Usos, it will either be a highlight reel of wrestling one boring pile of poo.

And if Zach Ryder is listening, please stay away from this match – I think you had a hand in losing last year for Mick Foley and his clan.

While any match with Bryan and Punk in it could be an Oscar-winning performance and surely Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will sell like no other wrestlers, isn’t this a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to have the Real Americans challenge for the tag titles?

Also, the Wyatt’s and The Shield are two teams that should beating the hell out of each other – not opponents across from them in the ring.

Surprises at Survivor Series

The pay-per-view is almost set with certainty this weekend. There must be some pop to make it legitimate and believable. The WWE is treading on thin ice with the pay-per-view lineup and the thought here is the company switch some things up, eliminate some events and bring some back.

Are you listening – Triple H?

How can the company juggle a few things, make the cable event more exciting and get people to believe in the power of Vince McMahon again? Is Paul Heyman the “devil” Bray Wyatt talks about? Can we find another angle to use CM Punk in against his former mentor and what happens with the descention of Daniel Bryan from being “the guy” to just “a guy”?

Where does Rey Mysterio fit in all this? A new challenger for Dean Ambrose? How angry will The Real American’s be for being left out of the show’s plans and can Randy Orton beat The Big Show without any help? Will there be a Kane sighting?

[adinserter block=”2″]All titles should be on the line

I will say this again, because I feel like I am hitting a brick wall. All titles should be defended at pay-per-view events. That is what wrestling was built on and that is what the fans pay for. When titles are not defended, that is why you get anger and non-supportive fans.

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