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The Miz and Maryse are Perfect for a New WWE

I’m going to make an analogy that might be lost on some of the younger fans of professional wrestling, but the generation I grew up in will understand it and possibly agree with me.

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The Miz and Maryse are to WWE what Jimmy Garvin and Precious were to World Class Championship Wrestling and Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll were to the NWA.

There are many things that have changed over the course of the past 30 years in this business since the days of watching local wrestling promotions on a Saturday morning with my father, but the need for a great heel wrestler-valet tandem is still a much needed part of this business. It is also a natural fit for the male-dominated viewership that continues in today’s world.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Maryse was brought back to WWE as a much needed boost to her real life husband’s character – to help make the former WWE World Champion relevant again, and to see a few tickets based on T and A. Yes, sex still sells in professional wrestling. What was once dominated by Nikki Bella and her beauty is now dominated by a blond bombshell accompanying her man to the ring and helping him win matches and retain his Intercontinental Title.

The move also makes the strap The Miz currently holds the most important title in the company at this time. It has also made the mid card, with Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens all reaching out to grab what isn’t theirs, the best part of Monday Night Raw.

Yes, the feud between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles a close second.

If The Miz’s rise to stardom was quick, his fall to the mid card and eventual jobber status was just as swift. The self-proclaimed “A Lister” is now an important chess piece – the glue that holds the second tier of professional wrestlers together. Regardless of what fans may think of the former reality television star, I tend to agree with both Jim Ross and Mick Foley that he’s pretty good and even better now that he has the right show piece by his side.

For those who thought Ric Flair was the missing piece to this unsolved puzzle, all I can say is shame on you. Trial and error finally found success. And much like Garvin needed Precious to counter his brash, over the top personality or Blanchard’s high life persona. Maryse is this generation’s version of both. And it works so well. The only thing you won’t see in this new angle is the women leaving the relationship in an infamous swerve. It’s too successful to break this up.

At Extreme Rules next weekend, four men compete for the Intercontinental Championship. Make that five competitors. Having outside interference always makes for an interesting proposition. It’s the type of match which puts The Miz at a disadvantage – but the kind of angle where he will come out victorious.

Oh, did I mention these kinds of storylines were made famous by the two legends of the 1980s? The perfect foil for our favorite wrestlers to get screwed out of what was rightfully theirs. While I like three of the four wrestlers involved in this confrontation (Sami Zayn does nothing for me), I appreciate the need for Maryse in this match more than anything.

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Because it’s Extreme Rules, look for The Miz to win in spite of all efforts by the three other wrestlers. Not because he deserved to win, but rather because his wife helped him win. Blanchard kept the World Television Title for months because of Baby Doll. Garvin was a regional star because of Precious. It’s what should happen. It’s what will happen.

And it’s what is supposed to happen, which is the most important part of this angle.

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