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The Misguided War Against Triple H

Triple H COOSpend about five minutes on pro wrestling message boards and hardcore blogs and you will find one thing in common. The hatred of Triple H. He is accused of everything from bad booking to burying talent yet at the end of the day Triple H is not the enemy and it’s time to give The Game a break!

The last time I wrote a similar pro-Triple H blog I was accused of everything from being on the WWE payroll to brown nosing for a job. Both are far from the truth. All I am trying to do is offer up my objective opinion, which may differ from yours. So with that said, Triple H is not your enemy.

For the last several years the IWC or the Internet Wrestling Crowd have been on a personal crusade against Triple H. Quite frankly, they despise him. They despise him for a lot of reasons. He is despised for being a bad wrestler. He is despised for burying talent. He is despised due to the woman he married. He is despised for being a bad booker. He is despised for being a jerk. To put it bluntly, I don’t think you could name a reason that the IWC doesn’t continue to despise and wage war against Triple H.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s funny because some may consider me as a blogger as part of that IWC crowd. But my opinion is completely different on Triple H. That alone would probably excommunicate me from the club. To me, Triple H is probably the most underappreciated WWE superstar by his critics who while they have the right to their opinions, are completely misguided on The Game.

Triple H got back into their crosshairs a few weeks ago when he returned to television as the WWE C.O.O. The IWC and his critics groaned. It got even worse. Once a possible storyline featuring Triple H giving CM Punk the Pedigree on WWE RAW was leaked, an all out war broke out against Hunter. Just the mere thought of the angle has incensed his haters. But it doesn’t end there.

Triple H has gotten a lot of heat lately for the RAW ratings and the current booking on RAW. Fans are upset that Triple H has “interjected” himself into the CM Punk vs. John Cena angle. Fans are blaming Triple H for the entire direction of the last few weeks of RAW. Whether it was the next chapter in Cena and Punk’s story, Rey Mysterio’s 90 minute WWE title reign, or John Morrison’s endless burial, it’s the C.O.O.’s fault.

Guess what and this may shock you. He isn’t really the C.O.O.!

The irony here is that the same group of fans who continually “too cool for school” and claim to be the smartest of the bunch are criticizing Triple H over a fictional storyline. He isn’t the C.O.O. He isn’t even the head booker! He is simply a man playing a television character. The idea that people are upset at him over the storylines and direction of RAW is just completely preposterous!

Does the guy have influence? Of course he does. But at the end of the day it is Vince McMahon making all of the calls. In addition, there is a writing committee or team in the WWE. Triple H isn’t writing himself in to Pedigree and CM Punk. Triple H isn’t burying John Morrison or turning R-Truth into a joke. Give the guy a break!

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How about Triple H as head of WWE Talent Development? How did you all enjoy Kharma and Sin Cara? I liked them, and most of you did too. Those were the first signings under the Triple H developmental regime. Yes, that is something you can blame him for. It has been years since the WWE introduced a new character the right way. In both cases, Triple H got the new WWE superstars over quicker than past experiments. For a guy that is practically the anti-Christ to pro wrestling fans, he sure delivered two great pieces of talent to the WWE Universe didn’t he?

The other thing is that while some people may not be a fan of his, he is arguably the best babyface the company has had since Steve Austin and The Rock left. For one thing, the guy cuts a better emotional promo in the WWE than anyone else. Two, he is one of a very few that can appeal to both men and women as a babyface. Three, he’s still got it! It was only a few months ago that he had 67,000 fans on their feet for 20 minutes. The man is a lot better than he gets credit for.

[adinserter block=”1″]Finally, let’s go back to that Pedigree on CM Punk. Originally I hated the idea but then I watched how things have played out. The fans went nuts the second Triple H threatened to slap CM Punk’s tattoos off of him. There is a much different kind of intensity between Punk and Hunter than Punk and Cena. I am sorry, but in retrospect the angle would have worked. It is going to happen at some point and I think that Hunter vs. Punk will actually wind up being more entertaining than the Cena vs. Punk feud. All you need to do is watch Punk and Triple H go nose to nose for two seconds to feel the intensity come right through the television.

So give the guy a break. He is a pro wrestling fan like you and me and probably gives the WWE its best chance of becoming a more pro wrestling friendly product when he takes over than if the company went to someone else. He isn’t here to crush CM Punk’s dreams. As a matter of a fact, he has the chance to make Punk a much bigger star than Cena ever could. Instead of spending your time nitpicking rumors you may have read about him in a newsletter or message board, sit back and appreciate what you are actually seeing, not reading.

And remember…he really isn’t the C.O.O.

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  1. Put it this way, I believe every word of his promos, he (along with HBK) made DX entertaining in the PG era, not to mention before. He rocked the house with Taker at WrestleMania 27. Triple H is the man :). Most of the IWC don't watch the product and comment on what they've heard from other people.

  2. I agree with this article!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annd remember this if they critics hate him this much then he is doing his job. He is making people believe he is running the company. Do you watch an actor and say hey he isn't really the villian he is playing no. You want him to make you believe is the character he is playing!

  3. I think HHH is a good wrestler and is good on the mic. It is a fact that the popularity of The Rock has always stuck in his craw though. His insecurities will always undermine him.

  4. What kinda "War" consists of nothing but whiny opinionated losers on a message board? Do something worthwhile for once with your lives…like taking someone elses.


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