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The Mickie James Factor on WWE Raw

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Since the Superstar Shake Up several weeks back, the Superstars have been getting adjusted and finding their place at their respective new homes. When it comes to the Women, Charlotte and Lana would go over to Smackdown while Raw gained two of Smackdown’s best female talents. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss went to Raw and while Bliss has made a huge impact on the red brand, it seems that James has faded into the background.

When James returned to the company last year, she was in the best shape of her career and her talent shined brighter than ever before. Even when she revealed herself as La Luchadora on Smackdown, her alliance with Bliss drove the feud with Becky Lynch even deeper. Fans expected that it wouldn’t be long before Bliss and James would feud in the ring. However there wasn’t much focus on it and the idea soon dissolved.

So the question is what is in store for James now that she’s on Raw? With Bliss being the hot topic in the Raw Women’s Division it seems that James has went from the best actress to supporting actress. While that may not be the case, James is better than being in the background. There could be potential for James and Bliss to revisit their feud when the time is right. Bliss would remind James on last week’s Raw about their past alliance.

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Now that Bliss is at the helm of the Raw Women’s Division, it seems that all of the Women Superstars are gunning for the Goddess of WWE. At some point, there has to be secondary feuds to help Raw not become so redundant to fans. The redundant factors have plagued the flagship show, and showcasing James in a separate feud with today’s Women is a small fix with big results if done right.

With James’ veteran status and experience, she is what Raw needs in the Women’s Division. The company can’t just sleep on this addition, which is mind boggling at best. James’ best asset is pushing the envelope and crossing the line. She’s not afraid to go there, and with Raw looking to add in edgy elements, James is literally staring at them right in the face.

The addition of James to Raw brings much potential to mind and the dream matches can be thought up on a whim. For this fan, I’d love to see James and Sasha Banks tear it up in the ring one on one. Or perhaps there’s James vs. Bayley. As I said earlier, James is in the best shape of her career. Her match with Asuka at last year’s Takeover was any indication she could produce classics with today’s new generation of Women Superstars.

With SummerSlam on the horizon, there has been much speculation when it concerns Banks and the rumored heel turn that was in the works for her prior to WrestleMania. While that is not out of the question, the company must take advantage of the talent they have in the Raw Women’s Division. The tag matches get old quick, and with the return of Emma recently things ought to pick up. Bliss’ historic win has been a hot topic that put focus on the division. What the company does with it is up in the air. Let’s hope that James and the other women are part of the plans leading to greater things in 2017.

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