Time To Cancel The Michael Vick Show


Michael Vick Michael Vick is the new Brett Favre. The NFL hype machine was out in full force promoting the return of Mike Vick. I expected an offensive onslaught from the Philadelphia Eagle. Well I must have been watching someone else, because the Michael Vick I have seen thus far doesn’t look a thing like the great show Eagles fans have been promised since Day 1.

The Michael Vick experiment has turned into a complete farce. I correctly predicted months ago that the signing of Michael Vick would hurt the Eagles. It has truly turned into a charade. Between analysts predicting that Vick would move the earth, to the Eagles needing to activate three quarterbacks and losing a roster spot, it turned into a circus. Will someone please stand up already and admit that this thing is a bust?

[adinserter block=”1″]This hype goes back to Vick’s pre season game against the Jets. We were all told how we would see the Michael Vick of old, he would change the game, and the Eagles offense would turn dangerous. Instead I saw a guy who looked completely lost and confused against a bunch of guys that aren’t even playing in the NFL today. But don’t worry, once he shakes off the rust he will be a game changer in the regular season.

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect spot to debut Vick than at home against the Kansas City Chiefs with no Donovan McNabb. The way NFL analysts discussed his return, you would think that the St. Louis Rams Greatest Show on Turf was coming to town. We were told that Andy Reid has been tinkering with the Wild Cat since the off season. Mike Vick was supposed to come in and give the Chiefs nightmares on defense.

Michael Vick rushed for 7 yards on one rush and didn’t complete a pass.

The Eagles blew out the Chiefs with no thanks to Michael Vick. Kevin Kolb did just fine on his own without the help of the great Michael Vick and his seven yards. Kolb has thrown for more yards than any other quarterbacks in their first two starts. The only ones giving the defense nightmares on Sunday were Kolb, DeSean Jackson, and LeSean McCoy.

So far, Vick has looked like a player that wouldn’t have even made an NFL roster coming out of the pre season. The only person Vick has staying up late at night is Andy Reid wondering how many quarterbacks he is going to activate on Sunday. Vick was never a great quarterback so this is really no surprise to me. Yet the NFL world must be in mourning this week after coming to grips with the fact that their big story was a complete bust.

So why he is still on the Philadelphia Eagles? Since when do the Eagles show anyone compassion? Do you mean to tell me that the Eagles would be better off with Kolb and Vick backing up McNabb than Kolb and Garcia? Now that McNabb is closer to coming back, the birds cut Garcia. If that was the best Vick can do against the Chiefs, what do you expect against the Giants, Cowboys, and Broncos?

[adinserter block=”2″]The excuses are over. Vick has had plenty of time to get back into shape and do some damage on the field. Michael Vick isn’t giving any defensive coordinator nightmares. As a matter of a fact, defensive coordinators are probably sleeping easier knowing that they can take off a few plays when old #7 comes in the game. Forget about flipping Vick next year for a draft pick. The Eagles would be lucky to find a UFL team to take him at this point.

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