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The lowest of lows for Matt Hardy – Inside The Wheelhouse

Matt HardyThe past ten months have not been to kind for Matt Hardy. We have seen him suspended from the WWE for a wellness violation which was then followed up with him immediately taking to YouTube & Twitter to fend off the wellness violation rumors (which were eventually confirmed) in his personal war with the “dirtsheets.”

Matt openly wanted out of the WWE and was granted his release from his contract, he wanted respect and to be in control of what he called his own “destiny.” He was granted such when he would later debut in TNA and vowed that this would be Matt Hardy coming into his own in the world of wrestling.

The TNA experiment lasted about 5 months which saw his brother allegedly show up to a pay-per-view main event under the influence of something. He would later be suspended from the company for various reasons including a video where he tasers his girlfriend. Matt Hardy would deny the reports of being suspended from TNA and vowed to be returning in the near future to the Orlando based company.

[adinserter block=”2″]All of these stories of Matt Hardy came all too ahead this past weekend and he fell even further down a hole of personal problems in the last year as he was arrested for a DWI in North Carolina after crashing his corvette. But that wasn’t the end of Matt Hardy’s problems as it was announced shortly after his DWI hit the internet that he was released from his TNA contract and it was confirmed that he was suspended from the company after all. It confirmed all that had been grumbling on the internet for the last ten months; Matt Hardy was at the lowest point in his career and quite possibly his life.

Now I do not like bashing anyone or knocking them when they are down. This is not the point of the blog. The point of this piece is too look and wonder if Matt Hardy can look at himself in the mirror after vehemently denying reports & finger pointing that all those who write or report badly about him are liars. I think the egg is on the face of Hardy in this instance in that he has been showcased as a liar and someone dealing with some sort of problem that needs to be addressed.

TNA was Hardy’s backup plan when he went on a social networking war with the WWE last fall. That fall back and tarp that was going to catch Hardy once the WWE umbrella dropped him is no longer there. WWE certainly does not want Hardy under contract at this point after the verbal and social war he launched at his former employers. So that begs the question what is next for Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy is a talented wrestler who loves the business and is once again a free agent in the wrestling world without any type of fall back waiting for him. Ring of Honor won’t take the chance on the wrestler and he certainly won’t return to the WWE after the way he burned the bridge as he exited the company in late-2010. The Independent circuit may reach out to Hardy specifically for star power; hey let’s be serious here…Scott Hall is still booked despite his personal problems in and outside of the ring.

It’s actually possible that TNA could bring back Hardy down the road again too. They gave Matt’s brother Jeff a second chance but then again when he re-entered TNA he was the highest merchandise selling wrestler in the WWE. Matt Hardy is not that at all and not that appealing to return, should his brother still be in TNA & be brought back on the main roster then it’s very possible that Matt could return thanks to Jeff Hardy’s influence (no pun intended).

No matter how we look at this situation this is the lowest of lows for Matt Hardy right now. He is unemployed, he is hated by a majority of the internet because of his constant battles with them and he is now facing a DWI arrest. It can only get better for the star down on his luck.

It appears that for once in Matt Hardy’s life he needs to take the advice of others and listen to the advice he obviously doesn’t want to hear in getting whatever help he may need. The WWE suspended him for a wellness violation which he denied & refused the help; TNA suspended him and reportedly wanted him & his brother Jeff to enter rehab which they obviously didn’t do either. Two different wrestling companies can’t be wrong in their professional judgment on one of their employees well being, obviously Matt Hardy needs help.

We can sit back & laugh about all the poor decisions Hardy has made in recent months that have resulted in him taking aim at people like me or you reading the blog because we are “the internet” or “smarks.” But it’s not right to take aim at someone when they are at their lowest point in their personal life, we are all human and I hope Matt Hardy comes back from this because when he is on, he is on. He has a great mind for the wrestling business and is a pretty good in-ring worker who has passion for the entertainment we all enjoy.

The business can be a monster and mixed with someone’s personal life it can eat them whole. I hope Matt Hardy doesn’t become just another statistic and can be a success story in the business right now. This is indeed the lowest of lows for Matt Hardy and lets hope he can reach out of this “twist of fate” he has put himself in.

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