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The Kliq Reunite at WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony (Video)

Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Sean Waltman reunite after HBKs 2011 WWE Hall of Fame may not have been streaming the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday but it didn’t stop the fans. Check out these 2011 WWE Hall of Fame videos featuring a final curtain call from The Kliq following Shawn Michaels Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

[adinserter block=”2″]The big moment came following Shawn Michaels 2011 WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech. Reports indicate that Triple H gave a great speech inducting Shawn which was done more like a roast. Once Shawn finished his speech he and Hunter pointed to the back and out came Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash. This was the first time that the Kliq appeared together on a WWE stage since the infamous “Farewell to the Kliq” incident fifteen years ago.

This wasn’t the only time on Saturday that the Kliq was caught on video reuniting. Shawn Michaels is being followed with a flip cam and recording a video diary all weekend. The videographer caught Michaels during the day meeting up with Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Sean Waltman in a rare moment.

Michaels, Hall, Hunter, Waltman, and Nash were known in the locker room as “The Kliq.” Some fans may remember Shawn referring to his fans as “The Kliq” when they left which was a play on the name.As evident by the video all of the guys stayed tight years after Hall, Nash, and Waltman jumped to WCW.

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Scott Hall passed on going to WrestleMania 27 citing his continued battle with addiction and felt that the environment may have been too toxic for him.

It is ironic that over fifteen years later the Kliq MSG curtain call is now being celebrated on a high profile WWE event. The original Kliq “curtain call” took place at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1996. This was the final WWE show for Scott Hall and Kevin Nash before they split to WCW. Following a Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash steel cage match, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, and Triple H entered the cage. The five gave a final curtain call of sorts and celebrated in the ring together against the rules of the WWE front office.

[adinserter block=”1″]Vince McMahon and many other wrestlers in the WWE at the time went nuts. Pro wrestling wasn’t as “open” as it is today and many felt that this break of kayfabe was nothing more than a big middle finger to everyone in the WWE. Triple H was in the midst of his first big push and wound up being punished for these actions. The irony there is that Triple H was supposed to win WWE King of the Ring that year but instead that honor went to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In the end Triple H did the boss a big favor wouldn’t you say?

The 2011 WWE Hall of Fame will air on Monday night at 8 PM/EST on the USA Network

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