The King Returns to his Throne


If you missed this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, you missed a great one. The great Will Ferrell returned to SNL and hosted the season finale. The show was fantastic and featured a ton of cameos from SNL alumni throughout the show.

Saturday Night Live’s season finale was a monster ratings success. The show scored its highest ratings for a season finale in four years. Preliminary ratings report a 5.4 household rating for SNL. I was surprised at the lack of publicity for his Will Ferrell’s return. I only knew about it by stumbling upon last week’s show for a few minutes.

The only classic Ferrell character to make a return was Harry Caray. There were many returns throughout the night from past SNL cast members. Tracy Morgan, Chris Parnell, Norm MacDonald, and Rachel Dratch all returned for sketches, while Amy Poehler returned for the news. Artie Lange, Paul Rudd, and Anne Hathaway also made cameos for the final sktetch.

The ratings have been up all season for SNL and I just don’t get it. I have tried to tune in several times throughout the season. I just can’t get into the current cast. I think the fact that so many alumni were featured throughout the finale was an indictment on the current cast. Nonetheless, it was a great walk down memory lane.

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