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The Independent Pro Wrestling Pot Calling the Kettle Black

You Are Not Getting Booked Fan PageSocial media giant Facebook has a new page; “You Are NOT Getting Booked“. It exploits the photos and videos of people claiming to be professional wrestlers looking to get jobs with a Tennessee wrestling promotion owned by Tony Givens.

Tony “the Dragon” Givens has promoted professional wrestling in east Tennessee for eleven years. Mr. Givens started wrestling with Southern States Wrestling (SSW) an east Tennessee promotion, but broke off on his own and created Championship Wrestling (CW) and soon after Championship Wrestling Alliance (CWA). This past December the CWA became an affilait of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and is now branded NWA:Smoky Mountain. (

[adinserter block=”2″]A few days ago Tony Givens created a Facebook page that showcases pictures and video of people wanting to work for his company. Along with every picture or video posted, Mr. Givens writes a small parody of the wrestler and finishes with “you are NOT getting booked”. The page has about 900 “likes”, which is astonishing considering that NWA Smoky Mountain’s facebook page has not reached 300 “likes” in it’s nine months of existence.

The page is compelling, not so much in that a successful east Tennessee wrestling promoter writes funny quips about wrestlers that have “not made for TV looks”, but it is compelling the feedback it is receiving.

The feedback, is mostly negative. Wrestlers and promoters add to Mr. Givens’ parody of the wrestler in question by adding one liners about the look or in ring work of the would be NWA:Smoky Mountain wrestler. The irony is, most of the mudslingers are no better looking then the wrestlers they insult.

I will not claim that I have seen any of the mudslingers work, nor will I say that I have any knowledge of the people outside of what Mr. Givens has provided to his audience. What I will say is most of the mudslingers, with the exception of Tony Givens and few others should not be commenting. If it were not for them adding comments about the others they themselves would probably be featured with the tag line “you are NOT getting booked” by Mr. Givens eventually.

[adinserter block=”1″]Tony Givens’ promotion is heavy on in ring work. NWA Smoky Mountain is not “sports entertainment” it is pure southern professional wrestling and attracts big names from around the wrestling world. Mr. Givens promotes events with top names such as ECW star EZ Money, WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat, NWA legend Ricky Morton, ROH current champion Davey Richards, then NWA world champion AJ Styles, and up and coming sensations like Jason Kincaid, Sigmon and Chase Owens. Tony Givens recognizes talent and he promotes it well, that is why he can run “You Are NOT Getting Booked” on Facebook.

The page has gotten so successful that T-shirts are already in the works. Mr. Givens has had to restrict posting privileges because of the influx of people wanting to showcase wrestlers they have seen. Tony Givens now ask that any pictures or videos be sent to his web site so he can display for everyone’s enjoyment.

Enjoy the view.

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  1. Its simple, what Givens knows about anything outside of his little state couldnt fill a thimble. He picks on Wrestlers because he and his handfull of friends dont like it….its more like they are stuck in a rut and cant get booked themselves. I mean seriously NWA Smokey Mtn? He expect everyone to think thaths Cornette's Smokey Mtn? what a joke. Just like Givens and his comments. I see his latest diarrea of the mouth is about a promotion in California. A beat which I cover since I live here. California has many different styles of promotions, the one he choose to pick on is one thats been around since the late 80's Wow kinda ballsy I'd say to start hyping on a promotion that is That long time established and respected among alot of workers and feds out here. Hell, you look at the rosters of alot of feds, including their trainers & bookers and you will find alot of them came from that very fed. yeah Not getting booked….Thats right Youre not Givens, not in California. By the way…..My brother is a lawyer and Yes, people coupld have a very good slander case against Givens.

  2. He has no clue what he is talking about… he stereotypes "indy" wrestling in a way that makes me HATE indy wrestling… wrestling is supposed to be fun… let people do what they want… obviously if they suck they arent gonna get booked again… dont have to exploit them…

  3. Beau James is the last person on earth that needs to be blasting people. his fat ass can barely get in the ring and through the ropes. he doesnt bump and wears a tshirt to wrestle in

  4. IMHO, what they are doing is borderline slander. The reasonable expectation of privacy has been breached by them and I'm sure all it's gonna take is a lawyer to prove damages then it goes away

  5. My friend, the fact that he has created this page is completely ironic and totally unprofessional. Though it hurts me to say this as I long for high quality wrestling in my native East Tennessee, Tony Givens shows are not packed with high quality wrestling, as you say. With the exception of AJ Styles and Davey Richards, the wrestling stars you mentioned live in the area and work for Givens because he pays, not because of his reputation. His television shows look like they were taped on a ten year old camcorder and he should NOT be mocking wrestlers for wanting to be booked based on their looks because many of his current talent look worse than some of the people he mocks. His Facebook page is classless, unprofessional, and is a stain on the heritage of the NWA


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