The Idea of a Potential WWE Title Unification Could Backfire


[adinserter block=”1″]Not lost on the WWE Universe, Cenation and millions (and millions) of WWE fans was the ill-fated tease of a potential WWE Title unification between Randy Orton and John Cena. From the looks of things, I suppose the current WWE title holder, who beat Big Show last night, got his answer about whether or not The Authority believes he is the face of the WWE.

I also assume that the Big Show’s angle with Orton and The Authority is over, so who now becomes the “apple of his eye?” One would assume it becomes or Wade Barrett upon his return or maybe a heel Sheamus when he comes back from injury.

My only hassle with the idea of a title unification is really three-fold. When would this take place (some have suggested at WrestleMania XXX, which means Cena does not face The Undertaker), does this mean that Cena would in fact finally take that sinfully delicious heel turn we have waited for, and what took the WWE so long to get to this point and why is it a battle between Orton and Cena and not Daniel Bryan and Cena with the Bella Twins in each corner at the Royal Rumble?

Catch your breath, know your roll and allow me to address all three. Here we go.

Personally, I like the idea of a title unification, much like Chris Jericho’s improbable march through The Rock and Steve Austin toward immortality. But with the strap on both of the WWE’s biggest names and the thought that Daniel Bryan is now fighting with CM Punk in a “Triple A” feud while the title holds are fighting major league talent is absurd. I agree there must be a major build for this match, but five months may be too long and to kick off the new year of professional wrestling, the title unification plus the Royal Rumble would be ideal, especially if Bryan or Punk were to win the Rumble match.

While Cena was nursing his surgically repaired arm back to health, there were some wrestling pundits who also teased a Cena character change. Being in the same office as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on the pay-per-view may have done that. Cena did not look as “Cena-like” on camera as he usually does and when he came to the ring after Orton’s match and paraded around with the title, it said to me that maybe Cena for the first time in some time has really thought about the “Hogan-like” change to his character.

Finally, the idea of Bryan and Cena in a battle again is the match and feud we all want to see. The match the two had at SummerSlam was the perfect storm to all the chaos of this Authority angle and in the end – it could have played out that Cena was the mastermind behind this idea and played Bryan like a drum, but that idea sailed away once the WWE decided Bryan was not “big” enough to carry the belt of the mother ship.

A major loss for everyone on all three ideas I have discussed.

Tonight’s Raw episode will be full of questions where I don’t think we will get as many answers as we want. The company is slow in delivering solid reasons for what they do like an adult with ADD that cannot make up its mind if they want to drive to dinner or…. hey isn’t the WWE trying to tell us something (it is bad way to explain things, I know).

[adinserter block=”2″]In order for all this to work, the WWE must put its heart, its brain and its courage into making this happen. And right now, not even the Great and Powerful Oz know which direction the company is headed.

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  1. Yeah, Raw made this article unnecessary. Now they should do the same thing with the US & IC belts. Remember when Warrior had the IC belt? He was building toward taking the top spot from Hogan. Big E could do the same. Give him both belts and let him go in a run from now until next WM. That match would be huge. Cena vs Big E at WM31.

  2. Perhaps you should have waited after RAW to talk about this.
    I'll just sit back and enjoy seeing the IWC wallowing in despair. I am curious to see what WWE will do after TLC and the Rumble. My money is on either a Punk vs Bryan Ironman match at Mania or one of the two winning the Rumble and facing the Undisputed Authority Champion at Mania.


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