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The Houston Texans Should Make A Play For Brett Favre

Brett FavreThe Houston Texans are on their way to finally living up to the hype and making the playoffs. Unfortunately a season-ending injury leaves this team without a capable starting QB just weeks before the post season. Is it time to place a call to Mississippi?

Yes I know, here we go again but this is the yellow elephant in the room when talking about the Houston Texans quarterback situation. This is a team with the best running back in the NFL, arguably the best defense in the AFC, a healthy arsenal of wide receivers, a Pro Bowl tight end, and no quarterback. Matt Schaub was perfect to captain this ship, but he is likely done for the season due to injury. Can the Texans really expect to make a Super Bowl run with Matt Leinart or T.J. Yates?

[adinserter block=”2″]This team is one critical piece away from doing big things in January and possibly February. The stars have aligned themselves in favor of the Texans. No Peyton Manning in the division, no dominant defense in the conference, and an offensive line jelling so well that I could probably run through it for 5 yards. I can’t think of any other year that this team will have such an easy road to the Super Bowl barring a rash of injuries to opponents and division rivals. This is their year!

Enter Brett Favre! The gunslinger has kept a low profile since riding off into a darkened sunset after a disastrous season last year in Minnesota. He left the game with his reputation on and off the field at possibly an all-time low. What better way to leave the game the right way than to come back handing the ball to Arian Foster, arguably the line he has ever had protecting him, throwing the ball to Andre Johnson, having a dominant defense to back you up, a dome at home, and for a guy that loves tight ends, he gets one of the best in the NFL. Can he really say no?

Was Favre dreadful last season? He sure was, but how much of that was due to injury? How much of that was due to bad coaching? Favre hasn’t taken a hit since December 20, almost an entire year. I don’t know what he has been doing since then, but how hard is it to get him in, and give him a few weeks to get ready for the postseason? He doesn’t need to start right away and guess what? The Texans have a bye week this week.

It may be unfair to compare, but look at what Carson Palmer is doing in Oakland with better weapons? Yes Palmer kept himself in shape in the offseason, but what if the Texans brought him in and gave him five weeks to get ready? That would make him available for the Carolina Panthers game on December 18. From there he would have three dome games, two at home, and one against the Indianapolis Colts. Are you telling me that Brett Favre couldn’t get ready in five weeks for a month of football?

What are the alternatives? The trade deadline is over. You can’t trade for Vince Young, Kyle Orton, or Jon Kitna. David Garrard would be perfect, but he is hurt and unavailable. Duante Culpepper? To me it boils down to Brett Favre, Matt Leinart, or T.J. Yates, and I am rolling the dice with Favre every time.

[adinserter block=”1″]My hunch is that the Texans will call. This is a special team and these circumstances may never play out this way again. I wouldn’t expect much from Favre but that is the beauty here, all he has to do is manage the game and everything else will work itself out.

Oh yeah, and then there is that little team in Green Bay that looks like a lock for the Super Bowl. If going out the right way isn’t enough, how about the incentive of playing the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl?

Let the Favre watch begin!

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  1. It makes perfect sense to hire Brett Favre, he could pull this off with his eyes closed. Houston you have a big problem! Fix it with Favre and get into the super bowl! I would gladly buy another Favre jersey!


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