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The Hardy Boyz Return is What WWE Raw Tag Team Division Needed

There is no doubt that one of the biggest moments at WrestleMania last Sunday night was the much anticipated return of the Hardy Boyz.  In a swerve that was set up by hosts The New Day, the Boyz were added in to the ladder match and captured the Tag Team Championships in grand fashion.

Before WrestleMania, the Raw Tag Team Division has only started to build up steam.  The Red brand shifted their focus on making The Club a force to be reckoned with, which is something they should have done from the start.  The team of Cesaro and Sheamus has proven to have worked well the last several months to which it has helped both men out tremendously.  Enzo and Cass are still the most over tag team in the division.  The players are all there but it was no secret that the division needed a boost to become part of the focus on Monday night.  They were victims of inconsistency and lack of focus.

After Sunday night, that looks to change.  With the return of the Hardy’s, it was the dose of life the division needed.  There wasn’t much to look forward to because of the lack of buildup, but it was amazing how the return made the match must-see in an instant.  Because of the rumors leading up to the very moment, fans were on board and ready to see what was going to come out of the match.  It was a great match, and if there was any doubt about the Hardy Boyz before last Sunday, they proved to the WWE Universe that they still are on top of their game.  If anything, it was a reminder of why they were so good all those years ago.

Over time, it seems that WWE thrives on bringing back past talents.  But to me, in the case of the Hardy’s, their win last Sunday night is warranted.  They still wrestled for TNA, ROH and other Indy promotions during their time away from WWE.  With the Broken storyline that the brothers were doing for TNA, it was one of the hottest topics in pro wrestling over the last year.  There is chance that once the pending lawsuit is cleared, the brothers could very well rock the Broken gimmicks once more for the WWE Universe.

Of course, with their win, there seems to be some resentment on the Raw Tag Team Division.  In storyline terms, the return of the Hardy’s has created conflict and of course it doesn’t sit well with the other teams.  Enzo and Cass complained to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle on Monday night – something that is out of character.  There is also The Revival to contend with, which could prove interesting in the coming weeks.

Smackdown may be the better received brand, but Raw has one up on them when it comes to the Tag Team Division.  That is a start for Raw to start bouncing back to the show it once was.  If the Raw team can stay consistent, that should be no problem.  The Hardy’s were among the hot topics coming out of WrestleMania.  Team Extreme is no fluke and with good reason.  The Raw Tag Team Championships are proof of that.

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