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The Future of the WWE in great hands with Stephanie McMahon

There will come a time when Vince McMahon will finally turn the reins of the WWE to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Helmsley. While I am still one of the ones who believes it will be a few more years before the greatest wrestling mind of all time and one of the greatest characters in the history of the business calls it quits, but we all know that time is sooner rather than later. This is not Ric Flair or Terry Funk continually feeling the need to get in the ring or to have to get in the ring to make money to survive.

[adinserter block=”1″]As we have seen in recent weeks, it is Stephanie McMahon who appears to be the next evil genius of this company, the one who will take over and excel the same way her father did all these years with such chutzpah and zeal. I can only hope (along with the WWE Universe) that the character she portrays now will be as mean and evil 10 years from now.

This is not Dixie Carter with a new dye job and bad acting – this is a descendant of the greatest evil genius of the business. Carter can’t carry a torch to McMahon’s eye liner and cannot carry a candle to McMahon’s inbred “witch with a capital B” attitude that makes her a perfect compliment to her husband and her father.

Sorry, Shane, you have been replaced as the heir to the throne. Stephanie has legs and a mouth and she knows how to use them.

And now, she is the dominant villain in the WWE, forget Randy Orton and Triple H, The Shield and Alberto Del Rio.

Without being sappy and waxing profound because he has not been replaced as of yet, Vince’s “Mr. McMahon” Character is one of the greatest inventions of all time. The simple fact is other promoters like Bill Watts, Verne Gagne, Fritz Von Erich and Eddie Graham were all wrestlers before they were promoter and used their knowledge of the sport to be better, to show off their talents and keep their business afloat. McMahon wasn’t a wrestler, just the son of a wrestling promoter.

And in his own way, he wanted to be the star of the show. His cronies like Pat Patterson, Gorilla Monsoon and yes, at one time, Hulk Hogan, all allowed McMahon to think he was in the business himself, which may have been the reason the Mr. McMahon character was developed. And when McMahon the “boss” and Steve Austin the “employee” got in the ring and beat the hell out of each other, magic was created and the “Attitude Era” was born.

As a fan, I can honestly say it was and is a once-in-a-lifetime gimmick that will never be duplicated. While he cannot be credited with the start of the NWO or the idea of the Great American Bash or the “Loser Leave Town” match, McMahon is great innovator, as a businessman, entrepreneur, and fan of the business, he can be credited with helping to define The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The New Age Outlaws, Goldust and Chyna, there is no one like McMahon. I used to think as a teen that Eddie Graham and Dusty Rhodes were the most fertile minds in wrestling history.

[adinserter block=”2″]I also thought minds like Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler knew a thing or two. But no one can match the savvy flair of the Vinnie Mac. And now that he has an offspring running the show, there is reason to believe the legacy of evil can continue and continue to grow strong.

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