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The Flash Season 8 Episode 18 Release Date, Preview, Plot, Spoilers, And More

He’s back!

We have come a long way from season 1 of The Flash that first aired in 2014. But it seems that we are about to go full circle this season as a surprising yet highly anticipated character will be returning during the finale of season 8. The major Arrowverse villain will be appearing for the first time in years.

Almost every season of The Flash starts with a simple beginning and things get very chaotic by the time we reach the finale. It seems we will be witnessing the same thing in season 8. Episode 17 was already a big surprise, and fans eagerly awaited what is next.

Here is everything we know about episode 18 so far:

The Story So Far

Episode 17 titled “Keep it Dark” features a new meta who is going around saving people having the same powers as Barry. However, they do it so similarly to Barry that people mistook him for The Flash. In the previous episode, we also witnessed Allegra’s past as a minor criminal and how she ended up in legal problems, and how she ended up in Team Flash.

Barry was nowhere to be seen in the episode and the small dangers to the city ended up looking scary. Iris was not seen again in this episode for the second time in a row and it seems she is still suffering from time-sickness. Barry suspects that the new meta running around could be Eobard however we see that he is still imprisoned in Lian Yu.

Preview and Plot of Episode 18

A preview of episode 18 was released earlier this week and it was revealed that the title for the next episode will be “The Man in the Yellow Tie”. The biggest surprise of the 18th episode will be the return of the major villain of the Arrowverse, Reverse-Flash. His last appearance was in 2016.

No, we are not talking about Cavanagh’s version of Eobard as he already made an appearance this week. The returning villain will be the original Reverse-Flash portrayed by Matt Letscher and he was also featured in the promo of episode 18.

Now it is unknown if we will see a surprise interaction between both versions of Reverse-Flash however we know from the promo that Eobard is in cahoots with Meena Dhawan.

The Flash Season 8 Episode 18 Release Date and Where to Watch

Episode 18 has been scheduled for a release on 15 June. The episode will be exclusively aired on CW however, you can watch it the next day on the CW app. The Flash is also available to watch on platforms like Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, AT&T TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Season 8 will also be available to stream on Netflix after 8 days of the release of the final episode.



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