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The First Ever among the Fozzy Fanatics

FozyDown for the Count with Eric Darsie: the First Ever among the Fozzy Fanatics

Welcome to the very first edition of “Down for the Count with Eric Darsie,” featuring one of your favorite writers here on CamelClutchBlog.com, me, Eric Robert Darsie (or at least I hope so, because you are reading this!). But after thinking over Thanksgiving and the days that proceeded, I thought of other possible ways could I contribute to help better CamelClutchBlog.com. Besides doing the ‘WWE Week-in-Review,’ the WWE pay-per-view preview and predictions, and the occasional wrestling flashbacks, I thought of this new idea. “Down for the Count with Eric Darsie”- where I give my thoughts and opinions on certain things, like bands, wrestlers, people, politics, the world, news, etc., so-on, and even so-forth. And after some consideration of what I could give my opinion on for the very first “Down for the Count with Eric Darise,” I thought what else would be better for me to write about other than….


[adinserter block=”1″]Why Fozzy, you may ask. If you have heard me on Eric Gargiulo’s Pro Wrestling Radio, I have publicly announced that I am a huge Jericholic. And it only would be fitting for me to give Chris Jericho’s outside-of-the-pro-wrestling-business-ventures a tryout. After buying their first two albums, Fozzy and Happenstance, I fell in love with the band. Their hard rock beats and their deep lyrics, they touched the rock-and-roll soul that I have inside.

But Fozzy, I really enjoy. The reason why I love them is because they aren’t played too much on the radio. Heck, I haven’t even heard them played on the radio before, and to be honest with you, I feel like the only reason behind that is because Chris Jericho is a professional wrestler. If that’s the case, I find that to be utter b.s.

[adinserter block=”2″]Coming early January, Fozzy will come out with their fourth album since 2000, entitled “Chasing the Grail.” An album that will be capped after their last release back in 2005. The biggest song on the third album had to be “Enemy” because both TNA and the WWE used that song for a pay-per-view theme song. Maybe, just maybe, if Fozzy’s third album got some press from the wrestling fans, maybe after the fourth album gets put out, they may get a chance to be taken seriously.

And come Tuesday, December 15th, 2009, Fozzy’s single, Martyr No More, will be released on iTunes. I believe that everyone should go out and spend 99 cents to own it, because Fozzy rocks everyone’s socks off, and it will be the best 99 cents that you will ever spend (given if they sell it for 99 cents… http://www.fozzyrock.com/)!

And people should check out two of the tracks from their coming album!

Let the Madness Begin’

Martyr No More’

But to conclude, I hope you guys enjoyed this first edition of “Down for the Count with Eric Darsie.” I don’t know when, but hopefully soon, I will have another edition of “Down for the Count with Eric Darsie.” I may discuss Ric Flair. I may discuss Sean Mooney. I may discuss tag team wrestling. We have to wait and see, now don’t we? Until next time, this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, up before the ref’s ten count!

Check out more of Eric’s blogs at http://jericholic2009.blogspot.com.

Grab all of Fozzy’s music off of the iTunes.com Music Store by clicking here.

Check out the Fozzy catalog of CDs and MP3 downloands on Amazon.com by clicking here.




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