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Five Things Not To Do On The First Date

First DateThere can be nothing more nerve-wrecking than a first date. When it comes to dating, it is true when they say you only have one chance to make a first impression. You have worked so hard to get her number or even to notice you, she finally said yes, now what? Well it isn’t so much about what you do, but so much what not to do on that first date. Follow these rules and make sure never to do any of these five things and you will be in the clear for date number two and more romance than your heart can handle.

1 – Go easy on the tongue. This is a trap fellas! Sure, she may open up that mouth and give you the green light, but you want to stop on yellow. Here is the deal. You don’t want to give away too much on the first date, good or bad. She needs to leave you that night with a bit of mystery. If she is unsure on your feelings for her, you have done your job. Part of relaying this message is a nice kiss on the cheek or quick peck at the end of the night. You are letting her know you are interested, but you aren’t letting her know how interested you are. The confusion will work to your advantage. On date number two, take that tongue and go in for the kill!

[adinserter block=”1″]2 – Be wise with your food selection. The meal you order could determine whether or not you will get a second date. Just order something light and easy like chicken fingers, french fries, or spring rolls. For one thing, this will give you a chance to share some food which can be romantic. Also, as ridiculous as it sounds you will have some immediate conversation if the chatter is starting to fall off. Not too mention you can brush up against her fingers and hands which will give you a second to test whether you two have any chemistry.

Don’t ever order a full meal. Keep in mind that if you order a full meal you are committing yourself to 30 minutes no matter what. By the time you get your food and eat it, you are stuck with her for at least 30 minutes no matter how good or bad the date is going. Appetizers come quick, you can eat them fast, and they will keep your date moving at a good speed. Also, stay away from messy foods like buffalo wings or ribs. If you do decide to grab her hand later that night, she will probably be disgusted that you would even think of grabbing or touching her with a hand that has been fighting with saucy food all night.

3- Shut off your stupid ring tone. There is a fine line between immaturity and fun. A funny ring tone is cute on the second or third date. A funny or goofy ring tone is immature on the first date. If you need to keep your phone on, put it on vibrate or better yet, put a traditional tone on your cell phone. There is nothing funny about anyone over 22 with a bad 80s’ song or anthem on their phone the first time you meet them. At the same time, if she has a bad 80s song or anthem on her phone, run. That is a sign of a girl that needs attention and will drive you nuts a month after dating her.

[adinserter block=”2″]4 – Don’t over compliment her. This is another one of those fine lines when it comes to dating. There is a fine line between being a gentleman and being desperate. The entire key to a successful first date is to leave a shred of doubt in her mind. Make yourself a bit of a challenge. The best way to blow this is by constantly telling her how pretty or hot she looks throughout the night. One, “You look great” compliment at the beginning of the date is enough. At that point she knows you are at least attracted to her which puts her guard down a bit. Most women on first dates believe they are the most fascinating person in the room, so she will be confident you will dig her personality by this point. The key here is that by the end of the night that shred of doubt will have her less consumed about looks but thinking more about something she said, did, etc. She will be more vulnerable on her second date at which point you can relax, have fun, and be yourself.

5 – Nobody cares about how much money you make. You can say a lot by appearance, but you don’t need to start balancing your check book at the table. A girl under 23 may fall for your money trap, but anyone 23 and up will see right through your pathetic attempt to brag about your finances. For one thing, if you make a lot more than her she may feel she is out of your league and never even give you the chance or stereotype you as cocky. Two, women like to be independent in 2010. Hearing anything about your salary may have them thinking, “Does he think I can’t take care of myself?” Listen, she needs to know you have a job but it ends there. Other than looking at other women, there probably isn’t a bigger turnoff than someone that brags about money.

And if you do make a lot of money, you will seal the deal on the third date once she realizes on her own how much you make. Put it in your back pocket for later.

Follow these rules, have fun, and you are a lock for a second date. The rules change and the date will lighten, and before you know it you will have her right wherever you want her.

– That Single Guy

That Single Guy is out there on the prowl and living the single life 24/7. If you have any questions for The Single Guy, email him at

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