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The Evolution of Charlotte in WWE

While Raw may be behind Smackdown in terms of story and production, it’s not to say that the flagship brand is a complete failure. Raw has some high points, with it gaining some traction post-Clash of Champions. Among those high points is the Women’s Division.

As I watched Charlotte cut a passionate promo from Monday, I started thinking about how far she has come since debuting for the company last year. It is without a doubt that Charlotte is the top heel in the Women’s Division and she has come into her own, owning that role in the process. Charlotte is leaps and bounds from where she was a year ago which was necessary given the role that she has assumed. After casting her father to the side and calling on the assistance of Dana Brooke, Charlotte continues to grow and take advantage of the position she is in.

Used to, Charlotte looked to have doubt in her eyes as she cut a promo. I can only imagine that must have done a lot of practicing in the mirror, because Monday night gave me chills. As a supporter of these women, this Charlotte is exactly what we need in the Raw Women’s Division. While the Women’s Division is not perfect, the top block of that division is stacked with captivating storylines that go several ways. I can only hope big things are coming out of this feud with Charlotte and Sasha Banks at the forefront. Banks showed up during Charlotte’s promo and brought her game ten-fold. That intensity only helps Raw all around. That promo got me excited for what’s to come.

With Hell in a Cell coming up, I am almost willing to bet we may just see the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell matchup with Charlotte and Banks. It’s a bold statement and with these women wanting to take the division to the next level, it just may be on the horizon. With that kind of intensity displayed on Monday night, that can very well build up and explode inside of the Cell. That means in Los Angeles this coming Monday we just may see some sort of finish to lead up to that point. Whether it is Charlotte pulling out tricks up her sleeve or a Brooke assistance, I don’t expect a clean finish. Raw has already cashed in on a Banks win on Raw, so I don’t think that will happen again.

Banks and Charlotte are the perfect catalyst of the revitalization of the Women’s Division, brawling through the summer and beyond. If Banks can stay healthy, this feud could last through the end of the year before moving on to new things for WrestleMania season. Both ladies have much substance such as having history that has preceded them in NXT . They are the yin and yang in the Women’s Championship picture.

Banks is the face that fights for what she deserves, while Charlotte is the heel that makes sure that doesn’t happen. While we are fully aware of the caliber of Banks, Charlotte has shown up to important matches plus her work has been consistent. The stats speak for themselves. Michael Cole stated on Raw that Charlotte is 12-0 in PPVs since her debut, and that is impressive. Between the Divas Championship and Women’s Championship, Charlotte held the top spot for over 300 days. Charlotte is the one to beat and perhaps the statement of her being the greatest Women’s Wrestler in this era isn’t too far off.

Hell in a Cell is several weeks away. These ladies will continue to create their own history regardless if their feud is settled in the Cell or not. We are in for a great fight with the Women’s Championship; it’s just all but announced for the event. With Charlotte and Brooke at odds, perhaps we will see their tension boil over. Brooke is a major component in this feud and her role can change at any moment depending on when she will get tired of Charlotte’s bossy ways.

We just may have to keep tuning in to see how this goes.

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