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The Epic Women’s Division Feuds on WWE Smackdown

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The domination of the WWE women continues on. By now, everyone knows that Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks conquered Raw as 2016 came to a close. They created history as they main evented not only two Raw’s, but a Pay Per View when their feud was contested inside Hell in a Cell.

Smackdown’s answer to Flair and Banks has been the four months and counting feud between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. Call Bliss rookie of the year here, but in over six months since coming onto the main roster, she has been on fire. Her shocking win over Lynch at WWE TLC for the Smackdown Women’s Championship was just the start of something much better for the two.

And now their feud is taking to the history books. Lynch was the inaugural Smackdown Women’s Champion followed with Bliss. In a back and forth exchange in efforts to retain the Championship both Lynch and Bliss have went to their own extremes in pursuit of the Women’s gold. Their tables match at TLC was only the second for women in WWE history. This past Tuesday was the first women’s main event on Smackdown in a Steel Cage Match, also the second women’s match in history.

This is huge on so many levels.

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Smackdown is following Raw’s formula with the women, but in a different way. There is so much to uncover for the women that the sky is really the limit here as all of the women continue to break barriers in pro wrestling. The slow burn of Lynch’s struggles will pay off in the long run all the while Bliss is becoming established on Smackdown. Lynch’s story is all about overcoming obstacles, and seeing her in the emotional backstage interview after the match Tuesday was stellar. You felt for her. You want to pull for her. You want her to win.

The Lynch/Bliss feud has added a third element in Mickie James as she was revealed as the mysterious La Luchadora after the historic match up. In a way it was a link from the previous generation to the new generation. But with the lack of depth in the Women’s division on Smackdown, the little touches throughout this feud are nothing short of genius in order to extend the life of the feud.

In the case of Nikki Bella and Natalya, these ladies are bringing their A game as well. Natalya is absolutely shining in her heel role – her and Bliss could very well contend for top heel in the division. The feud between the Total Divas stars has been pushing to the brink of controversy with vicious promos and absolute brawls. Bella’s comeback has continued to rock steady since her return at SummerSlam.

Bella’s supporting role has helped the Women’s division tremendously as is Natalya. Natalya is way overdue for a Championship run while Bella can certainly be in contention as the year rolls on. Smackdown may not have as much talent as Raw has, but they have hit home runs with what they have to work with.

As far as Carmella and Naomi go, I am not sure where they are going with Carmella as she is currently paired with James Ellsworth. Where does she go from there after the story with Ellsworth is done? With James aiding Bliss, Naomi may come to Lynch’s aid to combat the villainesses. Naomi could use the opportunity to become a presence once more on the blue brand after being off of TV for some time.

2017 is starting off very promising after an historic 2016 for the Women of WWE. And the best thing is, is that the women aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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