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The Emperor Has Lost His Clothes

I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I had to comment on Dana White’s video blog posted below. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below courtesy of You Tube. Once you have seen it, continue reading.

UFC should be embarrassed and ashamed of Dana White’s rant. To put this into perspective, Dana White is the president of a multi-million dollar entertainment company. For better or worse, Dana White is the face of the company. So here you have the face and president of the company ranting and raving like a third-rate thug on You Tube. This is a much bigger problem than something that can be solved by a simple apology.

Dana White looks like a first-class idiot in the video. Like him or not, you have to respect his accomplishments. But now you are expected for sponsors, television executives, fighters, promoters, and managers negotiating with this guy to take him seriously? How is this guy supposed to be respected across the boardroom after someone views this ridiculous video? Quite simply, he has turned himself into a joke.

I could only guess that if any UFC fighter from Chuck Liddell down to an opener made this video that they would face serious repercussions. What kind of an example is being set by the president of the company? Not too mention the fact that you have a 39-year old millionaire coming off talking all bad-ass about a female journalist. What a joke! I would love to see him make that kind of a video sitting there talking about a fighter. It looked like one of those bad scenes from an 80s movie with the unimposing bully from high society making threats against a smaller kid with his little minion next to him edging him on. The video is pathetic.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dana White’s video only reinforces everything negative said about him by ex-fighters, writers, promoters, and managers. Tito Ortiz was portrayed as the brat by the media for taking potshots at Dana White. Yet while under contract, Dana White was putting down one of his top fighters. Looking at that video I wonder how anyone with a disagreement supposed to negotiate with that lunatic.

Dana White is simply out of control. Since the video he has issued an apology, yet sticks by his remarks about Loretta Hunt. In my opinion, that does nothing to satisfy me or should it satisfy any of his critics in this situation. Dana White has done nothing more but strengthen the stereotype on fighters and UFC. Does Dana White deserve to be fired over this? No. However, if this is the real Dana White than UFC has a bigger problem than the video blog.

The emperor has truly lost his clothes.

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