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The Dexter Series Finale: What The Hell Was That?

[adinserter block=”1″]The Showtime series ‘Dexter’ bid adieu to the world last week with its series finale episode, ‘Remember the Monsters?’ Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who noticed that this show was a procedural disguised as a serious cinematic-like drama. It’s an undercover serial killer who hides in plain sight. Every week he killed someone. Every week we yelled at the TV, “How can anyone in the police station not notice who and what this man is?”

It wasn’t all predictable: Trinity killed Rita; Masuka had a grown (and good-looking) daughter; Deb killed LaGüerta. Characters like Batista, Doaks, and the aforementioned Masuka were great, and the actors who portrayed them were even better. There were always surprises and stellar guest actors like John Lithgow, Edward James Olmos, and Jimmy Smits who made the show truly special. It was good to great television and in my opinion; a consistent top 10 show during its duration. Sadly, the show went in a similar fashion of ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘LOST’ by once again letting the finale cast a taint over the entire series.

What in the hell was that finale? Let me understand this: 1. Dexter and Deb will never be held accountable for killing LaGüerta. 2. Dexter got away with killing Deb’s killer. 3. Dexter got away with taking Deb’s body out of the hospital and dropping her at sea. Dexter got away with being a sadistic serial killer for the better part of 20 years. HE GOT AWAY WITH EVERYTHING!

He said he wanted to protect his loved ones, and then drove his boat right into the teeth of a level three hurricane … WHAT?!?! Why in the world would he now want to “protect the ones he loves?” I would be OK with that if he had actually killed himself, but to be alive? What do we take from it? Has he now turned into the new Unabomber? Are they looking to make a movie in the future? SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT I JUST SAW!!!! How did he even get off of that boat?

When he first went into the hospital to kill Deb (yes it was murder, he’s not Jack Kevorkian) and take her body, it seemed to be an impromptu act. Did he rent a boat, take it out to where the storm was happening (while expecting it to be there when he returned), and then use it as his getaway boat? How ridiculous does that sound? To top everything off, he leaves his son Harrison with Hannah McKay… HANNAH MCKAY!! What if Harrison makes Hannah mad in the future and Hannah just decides to “give him something to drink” and end his life? What makes Dexter think Hannah even wants to raise his child?

Let’s move away from the main character’s storyline and look at some of the other problems with this entire final season. Who really cared about Deb and Quinn’s rekindled relationship? They spent so much time on it seemingly just have her say she loved him before she died? Why did we even get introduced to Masuka’s daughter if nothing substantial was going to come of it anyway? Also, why didn’t Rita’s two other children make at least a cameo? Dexter mentioned them to Deb, but was I the only one who wanted to physically see them? Shouldn’t they have played a larger role in Dexter’s life?

[adinserter block=”2″]My head hurts. Prodigious television shows are like great major sports games: The ending can make or break its greatness. This one bombed. Those who are super fans can listen to the showrunner Scott Buck’s explanation, but I have chosen to try to forget what I just saw and pray for a movie that wraps things up better.

I loved riding the wave of this show but after that finale I’m glad to be putting Dexter and his “Dark Passenger” out of my DVR rotation.

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  1. Sorry dude. Dexter pulling the plug on Deb wasn’t murder. She was a vegetable incapable of sustaining her own life and he was next of kin. He was guilty of many murders but not that one.

    • Sorry DexFan, murder is murder. He is not God (no matter what type of God people may serve). If that were real life and he did that, he would be charged and tried in a court of law… It is illegal. He may have done "the right thing" but it was still murder. It was (in my opinion) the worse murder he had committed… didn't fit his precious "code." He was next of kin, true… so if the doctor said there was a choice to make and he did it the right way, that would be one thing. He totally took the entire situation into his hands… not cool. Thanks for reading!!

  2. I was so waiting for Dexter to leave the US with Hannah, and have Hannah kill him, by poisoning . She was waaayyyy too sketchy! Too many scenes where she was cooking food… Up until the very end, Nothing ever came out of that! I was disappointed that my prediction lost! So many
    unanswered questions, makes you wonder if there will be a Dexter 2?

    • Thank you for pointing out Hannah's sketchiness! LOL!! She was cooking for Deb (who she has poisoned multiple times) and Harrison and everyone seemed to be okay with it.. BS! She is the one woman that you cannot ever make mad because there is no telling if she will get mad enough to end your life. LOL. And this is who he leaves his son with? C'mon.

      I wouldn't be mad if there was a Dexter movie because this series ended with a big fat fart! Thanks for the comment!


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