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The Crowning Achievement of Sasha Banks

Three hundred and seventy eight days.

It has been three hundred and seventy eight days since she made a historic debut in Atlanta along with Charlotte and Becky Lynch to kick off the Divas Revolution. In those days we have lived in agony through the shade and rejoiced in Banks’ declaration to chasing both the Divas Championship, now the Women’s Championship. Fans of the Boss, including myself, have watched her grow and blossom into the Women’s Superstar that we all know she is.

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Fans were outraged when Banks’ moment was stolen from her at WrestleMania, and honestly, her chance at redemption couldn’t come soon enough. Banks had a concussion injury that kept her away for several weeks, which didn’t help fans at all who wanted more of The Boss. The more WWE kept her away, the louder the fans got. It was obvious who the fans wanted. They got it and more to go with it.

After waiting for so long, both Banks and her fans got what they have long waited for, her spot at the top of the mountain as she defeated Charlotte for the Women’s Championship on last night’s Raw – the first Raw of the new era. I said in my “Declaration of Sasha Banks” blog, that when she captures the Championship, a Superstar would be born. Truth is, she earned that at WrestleMania in Dallas, and winning on Raw just a few short hours ago solidified that Banks was the best choice for the female face in this new era of WWE.

We all knew this; it was a matter of time before WWE jumped onto the bandwagon.

Onto the match, shall we? Tom Clark, who is a fellow contributor, said it best last night as the match progressed: Sasha is Dusty Rhodes to Charlotte’s Ric Flair. Flair has held the title of being the dirtiest player in the game, and daddy knows best in the case of Charlotte. Her heel run has been on point, and Charlotte continued to use dirty tactics in the course of the Championship reign and transition. Rhodes always was the one who was down to earth, but kept it real. He worked hard in getting what he wanted, plus Rhodes was every man which in turn was how people relate to him. Fans relate to Banks because of her passion for wrestling. They feel the genuine emotion coming from her, and the connection is organic. Both Charlotte and Banks exemplified those traits through their feuds.

With a high profile match of this magnitude, the way things were set up, it had a big match feeling, and it was in the air that something special was going to happen. For me, this match brought the emotions from joy to pride. I remember when the ladies fought during their time in NXT, how they fought tooth and nail against each other in pursuit of who wanted that NXT Women’s Championship more. I saw the same intensity and desire through both women last night. My favorite part is how Banks set up Dana Brooke a ’la Eddie Guerrero with the Women’s Championship. It was a great tribute moment that made Banks’ win even sweeter.

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In her post-match interview, Banks said that they had come a long way and they are changing the game. It’s a very big deal, and we have come a long way since the days of bikini clad, talentless women taking up time and the spotlight away from those who actually took it seriously. If CM Punk was the voice of the voiceless, well Banks is the voice of women’s wrestling. Women’s wrestling continues to see its best days and let’s hope that trend continues.

It’s funny; Sasha Banks debuted on Raw in Atlanta as the NXT Women’s Champion. Next week, she will return to Atlanta as the WWE Women’s Champion. This year has come full circle for the Legit Boss, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She truly deserved a good moment, and I agree with Mick Foley when he made this statement: Good things happen to good people.

Now that’s lit!

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