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‘The Crowded Room’ First Look, Plot, Cast And Release Date Speculation

Be prepared to see a whole new Tom Holland.

Are you ready for this captivating thriller series? Yes, The Crowded Room is an up-and-coming Apple TV series but it is packed with a star-studded cast. The story revives around the suffering of a mental illness and will feature big-screen stars like Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried.

The series looks promising and could be another addition to Apple’s stock of original content and with the serious amount of talent on board for it, the series might very well be released on the big screen.

Here is everything we know so far about ‘The Crowded Room’

What is ‘The Crowded Room’ About?

‘The Crowded Room’ is a series derived from multiple projects, one of them being the real-life story of the series’ creator Akiva Goldsman. The series is also loosely inspired by “The Minds of Billy Milligan”, a popular biography by Daniel Keyes.

The series will feature one Danny Sullivan who will be somewhat like the character of Billy from Daniel’s biography. Milligan is the first known person to be acquitted of a crime because of their multiple personality disorder. This condition is currently known as dissociative identity disorder.

The series is described as a “seasonal anthology” that tells stories that inspire people with mental illness by telling them how some people in the story learned to live with their mental illnesses. The whole series will revolve around dealing with mental illness.


Tom Holland will be playing the character of Danny Sullivan who experiences dissociative identity disorder so it will be a fun challenge for him to play multiple personalities. Amanda Seyfried will be portraying the clinical psychologist Rya and Emmy Rossum will be playing the role of Danny’s mother.

Emma Laird will be Danny’s girlfriend and Shasha Lane and Christopher Abbott will be playing some unknown roles in the series. It has been questioned how Emmy will be playing Tom’s mother since they only have a 10-year age gap between them but there is speculation that she will only appear in flashbacks as Tom’s memories.

The series will be written and executive produced by Akiva Goldsman, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for “A Beautiful Mind”. Tom Holland will also be the executive producer of the series while acting in it along with the Director of the series, Kornél Mundruczó.

The Crowded Room Release Date

As of now, there has been no official date of release of the series. There have not been any trailers either but it has been confirmed that the shooting for ‘The Crowded Room’ has started in March. So considering that, there is a chance that we might get the series at the end of this year if they don’t meet any setbacks.

The season will contain a total of 10 episodes and will stream on Apple TV+ when released. Let us know what are your thoughts about the series.



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