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The Chael Sonnen-Jon Jones Love Train Keeps Rolling

Are Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones promoting a fight or Valentine’s Day? The love affair continues with the latest coming from Sonnen who not only things Bones is considerably better than Anderson Silva, but is the best talent MMA has ever seen.

[adinserter block=”1″]The same man who insulted Anderson Silva for over three years and drew two of the biggest buyrates in UFC history has been nothing but complimentary towards his next opponent since signing for the fight. Either Chael Sonnen has lost his mind or is cunning like a fox.

The Sonnen-Jones love train recently pulled into Jay Mohr’s Fox Sports radio show in which Sonnen offered up nothing but glowing praise for the man who he will be fighting in less than two months for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 159.

“I think there’s a big gap between them,” Sonnen said regarding Silva vs. Jones. “I think that Jon Jones is considerably better, I think he’s the best talent our sport has ever seen.”

“Jon comes out there with something new every time,” he said. “Some trick that it appears he’s making up. Stuff I’ve never seen.”

So can someone please explain to me why Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones are fighting at UFC 159? I was led to believe that a deep grudge overrode the nonsense of a man who hasn’t fought at light heavyweight in years and coming off of a thrashing loss challenging for the title. If there is no grudge between these two, than there is no reason for this fight even to take place. For a guy that has called himself a smart businessman and another who has proven to be a smart businessman, the consistent praise for one another makes zero sense.

Sonnen’s comments are only the latest in the long love train trip that will roll into New Jersey in April. It all started a few months back during a Metro PCS chat where fans expected fireworks when both men sat together but were instead treated to unexpected compliments. It got even better when the two mocked the entire idea of a grudge by posting a bizarre picture of the two of them together on Thanksgiving. I am just stunned.

If I were the UFC I’d be livid. The UFC invested a match which was highly criticized and an entire season of The Ultimate Fighter to what they thought would be an entertaining and exciting feud. Instead, the fighters have basically thrown it all in their faces and mocked the idea of any kind of grudge. Dana White may not have a problem with it in public but behind the scenes he can’t be happy.

[adinserter block=”2″]The only thing I can think of is that Sonnen is being a master manipulator here. Maybe Sonnen is hoping Jones will take him lightly without the added incentive of a grudge? Maybe Sonnen is convinced he is going to get beaten so badly that he is going out of his way to build up Jones since there is no shame to being dominated by the best in the sport? As for Jones, maybe he is just too dumb to see it?

Regardless at the end of the day the fans will have the last laugh when nobody buys this sham of a fight.

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