The Brett Favre Watch Begins


Brett Favre >The Brett Favre Watch has officially begun. I don’t think anyone is accepting his retirement at face value. As a matter of a fact, I would be surprised if he wasn’t drafted in fantasy football drafts. In no way do I think his career is over and neither should you.

Favre officially informed the Minnesota Vikings that he won’t be joining their team. Now Chilly has to face the music with his musical chairs of quarterbacks. This doesn’t mean that Brett Favre is done playing football. Favre just wasn’t ready for a full season of NFL football which included a full mini camp.

[adinserter block=”1″]If there is one thing I have learned about Brett Favre in the last three years, it is that the man has a massive ego. Read enough comments from ex-teammates and you will get a different opinion quickly of old number 4. Can Brett Favre’s ego stand being a non-topic in sports for a full NFL season? I don’t think so.

This isn’t about retirement. This is about a guy that is going to sit back, prepare, and jump into the NFL in mid-season. Quarterbacks get hurt every year. Someone is going to need a quarterback at some point. 39-year old Brett Favre is arguably better than any of the backups currently in the league.

It is Week 8, your team is running away with the division and your quarterback goes down. Do you call Brett Favre or Michael Vick? Favre is getting the first call every time.

I don’t necessarily think it is a bad thing. Favre can prepare at his own pace without the rigors of mini-camp. Can Favre play a full NFL season of 16 games and playoffs? He thinks he can’t. Can Brett Favre play say eight full games and more into the post-season? I absolutely think he can and I think he can also.

I think this is all one big gamble by Brett Favre. Favre is gambling that someone will need him by midway through the NFL season. The gamble here is that it will be a contending team. Favre isn’t finishing his career by coming out of retirement for a 2-6 NFL team. The good news is that unless you are the Detroit Lions or Oakland Raiders, most teams are still in the hunt by Week 10.

[adinserter block=”2″]Could Brett Favre come into the league after his 40th birthday and produce? If Favre could latch onto a team with a strong running game, I think he could do exceptionally well. The key is seeing what Brett Favre is up to in September. Is Favre still working out or is he sitting around in his Wranglers? I have no reason to think that in the right situation that Brett Favre can’t win games in the NFL. It is all about the right fit and the right timing for Favre.

So what happens next? Brett plays the waiting game and is back by mid-season. What do we think of Brett Favre then? Are we angry after feeling duped once again by 4? I don’t think so. Like him or not, he and his interceptions will be missed. I think enough time will have passed to the point where we are begging Favre to return to the NFL.

Brett Favre is playing the ultimate game of human chess with his NFL career right now. It is all in for #4. Welcome Day #1 in the Brett Favre Watch.

Classic Brett Favre

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