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The Boys Season 4 Officially Announced by Amazon

Well, that was kinda expected.

Just a few weeks after the third season was released, Amazon announced that The Boys will be renewed for a fourth season. It was kind of expected after the explosive that the series has seen so far and especially the third season which has been literally explosive in its own way.

We already saw a hint preciously when Karl Urban told Variety in an interview on 12 March that he will be shooting throughout the year but at that time, the filming for season 3 was already wrapped up so it gave us a hint that he will be already working on the next season.

Now that things are official, the fans are more excited than ever. Here’s everything we know about the renewal so far:

The Success of “The Boys”

The adaptation of the bestselling comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson was a huge success as soon as it premiered first in 2019. For the first time in a while, people saw another side of a superhero and how bad can things get when the superheroes who are supposed to save the world go unhinged.

Amazon shared the data on the success of the first three episodes of every season and the results are as expected. Just the first three days after Season 3’s debut on 3 June witnessed the worldwide viewership of the show increased by 17% as compared to season 2 and +234% as compared to season 1.

The Crew’s Take on The Renewal

The team behind the show and the actors were excited to bring out another season and expressed their happiness about the renewal of the show. Showrunner Eric Kripke said: “Speaking for the cast and crew, we’re so grateful to Sony, Amazon, and most of all the fans for embracing the show and allowing us to make more.

He also added: “We’re thrilled to continue Butcher and the Boys’ fight against Homelander and the Seven, as well as comment on the insane world we’re living in. Also, this is the first time in history that exploding genitalia has led to further success.”

Vernon Sanders, the head of global television at Amazon Studios also expressed his joy about continuing the show. He said: “From our first conversation with Kripke and the creative team about season three of The Boys, we knew the show was continuing to get even bolder. We are immensely proud of the cast and crew that has spawned a franchise for Prime Video, and we look forward to bringing more of The Boys to our customers.”

The Boys Season 4 Release Date Speculation

As of now, no official announcement about the release date has been made. However, we already know that the work for season 4 has already begun including the shooting. So we can expect season 4 to drop by the end of 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest.

A spin-off series of The Boys is also in the works which is expected to debut next year and The Boys might make an appearance in it too.



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