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The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Plot and Latest Details

It keeps getting more violent every passing episode.

Season 3 of the boys started with a bang, or maybe explosion might be a good word to phrase it. Season 3’s focus shifts back to the primary antagonist Homelander who is now more unhinged than ever and his erratic behavior is concerning. The Boys obviously don’t have any other choice than to step back into the game.

The fans got a treat when all three episodes of the third season were released on the same day however, they had to wait long for the next episode as it faced some delays. Now fans eagerly wait in anticipation and fret not because the release date for episode 5 is locked on.

Here’s everything we know about it so far:

The Story So Far

We saw the tables turning in episode 4 after Stan Edgar, who kept the reigns on Homelander and didn’t let him go out of control, had to step down from his position in Vought. All this happened because of the deal between Homelander and Victoria.

The Seven is completely in Homelander’s hands who now uses his authority to kill Supersonic to teach Starlight a lesson. The Boys, who were on the search for the weapon that killed Soldier Boy end up uncovering Soldier Boy himself who is very much alive and now could become another trouble for the boys.

Plot Speculation for Episode 5

As of now, no preview for episode 5 has been released however the Twitter account for The Boys has been dropping hints for the upcoming episode. One thing we know for sure is that the next episode is going to be all about Soldier Boy. We already know that he was alive all this time and put under the ice all these years in Russia.

The fourth episode has been titled “The Hunt for Soldier Boy” and just like the name implies, it seems we will finally be seeing Soldier Boy in action. We have no idea if he will take the side of the boys or if he will be just another loose cannon like Homelander and so far it seems the situation is going to be the latter.


The Twitter account of the show also posted a tweet that featured some pictures as hints however, no context was given, it was captioned with “#TheHuntForSoldierBoy spoilers, but ya ain’t getting any context.”

The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

The release schedule for the episodes for the fourth season was intended to be one episode per week however, that schedule has not been followed properly so far. First, we got all three episodes at once and then the fourth episode saw some delays.

As of now, the fifth episode has been scheduled to release on Friday 17 June at 12 am GMT however, it would do you good if you keep an eye out for it a few hours prior and not be too hopeful. You can watch all the previously released episodes of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video now, with a paid subscription of course.



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