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The Biggest Block Party of the Summer: WWE SummerSlam Signals the End of the Summer

WWE SummerSlamWith SummerSlam being mere weeks away, and thinking back with the summers past, one thing I always got excited for at end of the school years is SummerSlam.

Granted when SummerSlam came, within a couple of weeks, or for me this year, the next day, classes start once again, I know I can enjoy the summer’s biggest card, enjoy the company of loved ones, and reminisce about the warm weather of months past.

One of my favorite SummerSlam moments had to of been back in 2002 when Shawn Michaels made his return against Triple H in a Street Fight. After being out for over four years, the Heartbreak Kid seemed like he wasn’t out of the ring for four plus years, that he proved why he’s the Showstopper.

Going back to 1997 when the Undertaker defended the WWF Championship against Bret Hart with Shawn Michaels as the guest ref, another match and SummerSlam that I enjoy watching. In the end, Undertaker lost the title to Hart with a chair shot from Michaels, that was aimed at Hart, which brought in the end for Hart in the WWF (a Montréal Screw Job article coming up, maybe?), and an end of the HBK career for four year against the Dead Man.

2003 brought a first for SummerSlam, and until now, the only Elimination Chamber match at a SummerSlam. Triple H walked into the second Elimination Chamber like the first one ten months earlier, as World Heavyweight Champion, but unlike the first one, Triple H walked out as World Heavyweight Champion, with the match, and the pay-per-view, ending with a bloody Goldberg and Evolution standing high and strong with the World Heavyweight Championship.

After looking back at a couple of SummerSlam memories, with the matches that’s been announced as of me writing this article are the WWE Championship match with Champion Randy Orton facing challenger John Cena, and the Undisputed WWE World Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and the Big Show versus Cryme Tyme.

The World Heavyweight title will be defended, of course, and a possible return on the Heartbreak Kid to team up with D-Generation X member Triple H to take on Legacy. Let me look at those two matches that are announced and the match that’s being built up to happen.

The WWE Title match is old and boring, especially it being at a major pay-per-view like SummerSlam. I hope with this match with Orton and Cena, their feud and matches would end on August the 23rd, because I am getting tired of watching it, as is many of my friends, and we want to see something new.

Yes, the casual fan does rule the WWE pocket book, but they too will get tired of the same old matches all the time. Enough said about this match. A good match, for me, to go to the bathroom and to start cleaning up my apartment.

The Undisputed WWE World Tag Team Championship match with the Champions Chris Jericho/Big Show taking on challengers Cryme Tyme. At first, I wasn’t excited about this match, to be dead honest. The reasoning is, Cryme Tyme really hasn’t been taken serious since they’ve been drafted over to Smackdown.

Now, with the Big Show and Chris Jericho holding the tag straps, hopefully going to make the tag title division what it once was, a chance for the younger talent (Cryme Tyme) to get a rub and get bumped up by the main events (Jericho/Show).

Now, last, and hopefully a match that wouldn’t fall on its face, is the past versus the future, D-Generation X (the past) versus Legacy (the future). Another match that I am excited about (like the Tag title match) on being a tag team match and it being main events putting over new guys. Michaels has been out since his match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXV this year, what a great way for him to come back to face

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. And what a way for those two young men to get the best rub from two of the greatest workers than Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this match. I hope McMahon and creative don’t screw with this match.

But to conclude this article, with looking at some past SummerSlam memories and looking into a couple of matches for this year’s SummerSlam, I do hope besides the WWE title match, the rest of the card wouldn’t be the same old matches that we’ve seen the past five years, and would be the old main events putting over the new mid-card and opener guys.

Besides the boring WWE title match, I can see SummerSlam being exciting this year, and could possible challenge WrestleMania this year on quality of matches. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, hearing a staple gun and Daughtry at work, goodbye!

HBK vs. Triple H 2002 SummerSlam Highlights

Bret Hart vs. Undertaker SumerSlam 1997 Highlights

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