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The Betting Edge for Tuesday June 09

johansantana The Tuesday edition of The Betting Edge is coming at you with some negative results. I ended yesterday at $52.45 with a negative total of $6.78 from yesterday. How did I get there?

My first instinct on Detroit beating the White Sox in the first game was correct with the Tigers winning 5-4 so that gave me a win of betting $5 and getting $5 on top so that started off the day with me up $10. My $15 Padres-Diamondbacks parlay didn’t work out too well as the Padres offense woke up for a 6-3 win killing my under bet and putting me down $5.

A late instinct called me to play the Oakland A’s to beat the Minnesota Twins which they did at I bet $5 to win $3.22.

Tonight I like a few different games. I see the Lakers winning this series in 6 so the Magic have to take a game and tonight seems like a good night. I don’t like them enough to cover though. I’m going to tease the Lakers and the under in a 4 point teaser. The Lakers are getting 4 points as underdogs and the under is 198. What the tease does is it pushes what the Lakers are getting to 8 points and the under to 202. I’m betting $15 to win $13.63.

With the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry it’s hard to judge the games because they swing so much. But I see Josh Beckett & AJ Burnett pitching lights out tonight so I’m taking under 9 1/2 runs for $5.

I’m a Phillies fan and with Johan Santana throwing tonight for the Mets in New York (if they get the game in) the money line gets busted easily so with an upset I like the Phillies as underdogs winning the game outright since I can lay $5 to win $7.50. The only reason I’m betting this game besides the fact I’m a Phillies fan is that to lay $5 to walk away with $12.50 total is a huge swing for an underdog division game.

In my last bet of the night I’m taking the Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup Finals tonight in Pittsburgh in a straight up bet laying $5 to win $5.25.

Let me know what you’re betting and what you’re liking. Anyone send me results of what they’re doing in either real or online betting will get a special mention in this column. You can reach me at And remember, it’s not gambling if you have an edge.

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Derek Sabato is an avid sports gambler. Between betting on sports, playing poker, and taking part in many high stakes fantasy sports games he recently won $1,000 during March Madness and over $3,000 in pro football in 2008. Derek can be reached directly at .



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