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The Betting Edge for Thursday June 11

ryanfranklinWelcome back to The Betting Edge. Man did I have a bad day on Tuesday. It all started after the column was posted. My fellow writer (and fatty) Erik Espenberg decided to bust my balls over my decision to pick the Red Sox & Yankees under 9 1/2.

About how the last time Burnett & Beckett pitched they both got lit up. Well thankfully for me it was only Burnett that got lit up as I covered that to win $9. That was the ONLY bet I had on Wednesday that won. So instead of bringing up the past let’s get to what I started at today and what I went with today.

I started today at $31.45 and bet $5 to win $2.08 on the St. Louis Cardinals getting 1 1/2 to cover on the Florida Marlins. As I write this it’s the bottom of the 8th and the St. Louis Cardinals just had a 3 run top of the 8th to take the lead 6-5 so that’s holding well with Ryan Franklin coming in to pitch with one out.

I decided next to go with Yovani Gallardo and the Milwaukee Brewers to give 1 1/2 and defeat the Colorado Rockies. So far going into the bottom of the 2nd the Rockies are up 1-0 so I’m going to need some help there from Milwaukee’s bats even though Gallardo just pitched out of a bases loaded no-out jam with only the one run given up. Laid $5 to win $5.50.

Next I went with a 2 team parlay. I took the Philadelphia Phillies giving 1 1/2 against the New York Mets and the Cincinnati Reds getting 1 1/2 against the Washington Nationals. The Phillies are coming off a high of the win last night and the Mets can’t be happy with getting 14 singles and the only extra base hit came from Mike Pelfrey so I expect that to be easy. I will always take a team that’s an underdog to the Washington Nationals with the points. ALWAYS. Betting $5 to win $13.69.

And now I did something stupid. I went back to a bet I lost on Tuesday. But it’s my column and I do what I want. I did a 4 point teaser for the Lakers getting 6 and Game 4 of the NBA Finals to finish under 205. It’s risky… but that’s why I enjoy gambling. Betting $10 to win $9.09.

This… along with my futures bet on the Phillies to win the World Series and the Lakers to win the NBA Finals might be all I have left after tonight if everything goes wrong. Looks like I’ll either be reloading soon or coming off a great high going into tomorrow and Interleague action along with Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

And as I’m watching the Cardinals pitch themselves into a jam I hope my money will be staying in my bank account and not getting transferred over as Ryan Franklin is able to get Ronny Paulino to line out to center to send this to the 9th Inning. PHEW.

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Derek Sabato is an avid sports gambler. Between betting on sports, playing poker, and taking part in many high stakes fantasy sports games he recently won $1,000 during March Madness and over $3,000 in pro football in 2008. Derek can be reached directly at .



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