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The Betting Edge for Monday June 08

jakepeavy Welcome to the Monday edition of the Betting Edge. Hopefully you didn’t follow me on Friday as I almost literally crapped the bed.

I still have pending my Futures bet for the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series at 12-1 so laying $5 to win $60. My four team tease didn’t work out so down $10. Detroit Tigers didn’t show up against the Los Angeles Angels so down another $10. Still my $5 future bet to win $1 is going with the Lakers. Mariano Rivera and the New York Yankees blew it against David Price and the Rays so down another $10.

I put $5 on Urijah Faber to win and if is hands weren’t broken I figure he would’ve been able to pull it out. But instead Mike Brown won and I’m down another $5.

My first win of the weekend was Raul Ibanez again getting more total bases than Russell Martin and I laid $5 to win $4.34 so now that makes it a $9.34 back in the positive. That’s where my weekend came back. But then again the next bet I lost was the straight bet of $5 to win $30 of the Phillies beating the Dodgers on Saturday by 2 runs. Oops.

I did win with the Phillies on Saturday as they covered 1 1/2 to put $7.63 back in the positive column. But Sunday the Lakers couldn’t cover 7 so back down $5. I laid $5 to win $3.12 when Detroit beat the PISS out of Pittsburgh. My big bet on Sunday was a 2 team parlay between the Diamondbacks winning straight up and the Phillies getting 1 1/2. I bet $10 and walked away with $15.50. My next bet was Toronto & Kansas City under 8 runs and with Roy Halladay pitching I walked away with betting $5 to win $4.34. I’m up to $59.23 from the weekend.

I’m betting $5 on Detroit getting 1 1/2 to win $5 in the first game of their doubleheader today against the Chicago White Sox. I like Detroit for some reason and it’s gonna be a turn around game for Gallaragga. I can feel it.

My big bet of the day will be the San Diego Padres beating Arizona Diamondbacks and parlaying it with under 7 1/2 runs. Jake Peavy’s back after his awful outing against the Philadelphia Phillies and considering how hard it is to score runs in San Diego I’m betting $15 to win $30.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more baseball, a fantasy baseball update, and Game 3 of the NBA Finals along with what possibly could be the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals. You can reach me at! I look forward to hearing feedback and possibly bet ideas.

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Derek Sabato is an avid sports gambler. Between betting on sports, playing poker, and taking part in many high stakes fantasy sports games he recently won $1,000 during March Madness and over $3,000 in pro football in 2008. Derek can be reached directly at .



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