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The Betting Edge for Friday June 05

CarlosZambranoHello everyone and welcome to my first column here at I won over $3,000 last year in football betting and over $1,000 during March Madness. Lately I’ve been turning my attention to baseball and I figured I’d share what I’ve been using lately to win.

I use to wager online. It’s the easiest way to do it online with lots of ways to deposit and easy to withdraw. It takes sometime for you to receive your withdrawls but that’s just the way it is with online gambling right now due to the wonderful United States not getting together to tax online gambling to make our country more money. But that’s a column for another day.

If you’re interseted in joining e-mail me at and I can refer you to the website.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now onto what I did last night. Last night I decided to throw $50 into I liked the idea of Cole Hamels pitching against Clayton Kershaw and Raul Ibanez getting more total bases than Russell Martin. I also liked the Los Angeles Lakers -6 against the Orlando Magic. I bet $10 to win $9.09 with the Lakers and obviously they ended up covering winning by 25.

Next the Phillies were favored -1 1/2 against the Dodgers and I bet $10 to win $15 which Cole Hamels threw a 3-0 shutout to cover me. Also Raul Ibanez was even in getting more total bases than Russell Martin and I wagered $10 to win $10 and did so with Ibanez’s RBI double and he moved over to 3rd on a groundout which was more than what Russell Martin ever did never getting on base.

Tonight I’m feeling a little risky so I’m doing a 4 team MLB parlay. Carlos Zambrano returns from his suspension looking for his 100th win with the Cubs favored by 1 1/2 against the Cinncinatti Reds and Micah Owings. I have enough faith in Big Z to win his 100th that he’ll make it through 7 before turning it over to Carlos Marmol & Kevin Gregg to finish it out and cover nicely.

The Baltimore Orioles are underdogs against the Oakland A’s getting 1 1/2. I like the way Jeremy Guthrie’s been throwing as of late with his 10 strike outs and with Wieters back there calling pitches I don’t see any problem in the Orioles covering 1 1/2 and to be honest I actually think they’ll win tonight. Oakland won 3 of 4 from the White Sox and I think they’ll have a drop off effect with Dallas Braden pitching. He’s been their best pitcher all season and is due for a bad outing.

Chris Volstad is throwing for the Florida Marlins and is going against Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants. Volstad’s been excellent this year while Zito has been… well Barry Zito. Take the Marlins giving 1 1/2 and watch them cover the spread in the 1st 3 innings.

In my sleeper of the 4 I think it’s time for Francisco Liriano to finally wake up and pitch his game against the Mariners against one of the best pitchers in the game in Felix Hernandez. Joe Mauer will lead Liriano through 7 innings while providing the spark for the offense and the Twins will cover 1 1/2.

I’m laying $10 to win $115.26. Those are not the only bets today. Today I’m also taking the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series at 12-1 odds and laying $5 to win $60. This will probably be the lowest these odds are gonna be for a while so it’s time to strike while the iron (and the team) is hot. Also I do not recommend playing the Phillies tonight with Jamie Moyer pitching and if anything I’d bet on the Dodgers covering 1 1/2 but I don’t play against Philadelphia teams.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’m also laying $10 on Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers to stay hot against the Los Angeles Angels with Ervin Santana returning to the mound for the first time since 2007. Bet $10 to win $11.50.

Also don’t be afraid to lay money on the Los Angeles Lakers to win the whole series. I’m putting $5 on the Lakers to win (I have them getting the series in 6) to win $1. Hey, it’s easy money although the odds aren’t good.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week with some weekend stuff including the Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBA Finals Game 2 along with some baseball and maybe a horse race thrown in there. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you and good luck!

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Derek Sabato is an avid sports gambler. Between betting on sports, playing poker, and taking part in many high stakes fantasy sports games he recently won $1,000 during March Madness and over $3,000 in pro football in 2008. Derek can be reached directly at



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