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The Best WWE Love Stories

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Ah wrestling fans we’re a bunch of old romantics really! Ratings show that we love a wedding angle and live sex celebrations (if you could call it that). Not only do we love them, it’s the storyline that, more than any other, seems to draw in casual fans. It makes you wonder, why don’t WWE do more of them? Perhaps one involving Summer Rae, Lana, Rusev and….ok not that one, but come on give Summer Rae something to do!

Here is a list of the ultimate WWE love stories in recent memory!

Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho

It’s late 2003 and Chris Jericho and Christian make a bet as to who can sleep with Lita and Trish the fastest (not one for the PG era). However somewhere along the way Chris begins to fall in love with Ms Stratus.

Unfortunately for Jericho, Trish finds out about his “She’s all That” bet and she wants nothing to do with him, before warming to the idea of putting him in the “Friend Zone”. Jericho is beside himself and Christian, Jericho’s then best friend, tries to get Jericho to snap out of his funk.

Christian ends up “accidentally” getting himself into a one on one match with Trish, Jericho is delayed getting to the arena on the night and Christian advises Trish that he will lay down for her…if she lays down to him (such a player). Trish doesn’t take him up on the offer and Christian shows his true colours and puts her in the Walls of Jericho.

This enrages Jericho and leads to a match between the two at Wrestlemania (13 years later and he’d facing another best friend at Wrestlemania, probably best for Jericho to avoid making any more friends in WWE). Trish, is on Jericho’s side right until the end of the Wrestlemania match, when she slaps the taste out of his mouth and sides with Christian. It was a real shock, Trish had been the ultimate babyface for three years prior but with Lita recently returning from injury WWE could afford to turn Trish heel. From there she would go on to a stellar run as women’s champion and Christian would almost make it to the top by 2005, until he ran into John Cena (he did eventually win the World Title, but it took far too long), while Jericho would leave a year later only to come back as serious Jericho and now the man we have here today.

Long, episodic, a babyface turn, a heel turn and a program that progressed two stars up the card. This was brilliant! Speaking of Trish….

Trish Stratus and Mickie James

Definitely a favorite storyline across the WWE Universe, this storyline introduced us to the marvellous Mickie James in a lesbian love story. Mickie originally proposed doing this story with Lita, but Trish proved to be the right choice.

In late 2005 Mickie James runs to the ring and helped out Trish Stratus during a beat down, Mickie later introduces herself as Trish’s biggest fan and remarks that Trish never replied to any of her fan mail…not that it mattered, right?

Mickie played this character to perfection, her enthusiasm was infectious one felt she did love Trish. Unfortunately, Trish was friends with Ashley and Ashley was suspicious of Mickie, going as far as to call Mickie a psycho. Was Mickie a little psycho? From celebrations in the ring for Trish, seeing Trish in the shower, kissing Trish, pretending Trish’s boyfriend attacked, her as Joey Styles said one episode of Raw; one could make that argument.

When Trish eventually told Mickie to back off, Mickie snapped, attacking Trish and later kidnapping Ashley (I guess Ashley might have been on to something) Mickie got crazier by the week and the fans ate it up. Trish was the straight woman in this storyline figuratively and literally and it led to the most entertaining segments every week in the lead up to the Wrestlemania 22.

Mickie would challenge Trish at Wrestlemania 22, in a Wrestlemania match so good, it would take 10 years to surpass. During that match fans went crazy for Mickie, she had won them over completely, such was her stand out performance as the psycho stalker. In the end, she would prove too much for Trish and would win the title.

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The storyline itself ended abruptly due to an injury to Trish, but there’s no denying that this was a defining storyline in women’s wrestling. Mickie would stay extremely popular with the fans for the rest of her run and returned to WWE in 2016, recently moving to Raw. Trish would go into the Hall of Fame, open a yoga studio and feature in a Mickie James’ music video. So it all worked out in the end….but someone else took up Mickie’s mantle.

AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan

AJ Lee was a nice, slightly fragile young woman and Daniel Bryan was just a nice guy in late 2011. Then 2012 arrived, he won the World Title and it all went to his head. He would chant “Yes” over and over in celebration over cheap wins. Everything was going well between heel Bryan and babyface AJ Lee until she gave him the kiss of death and he lost the World title to Seamus in a matter of seconds at Wrestlemania 28.

Bryan would turn on AJ after this, blaming her for his title loss, telling her he wants nothing to do with her, say he was moving on with her best friend and antagonize her on a weekly basis. AJ, at the time, was clearly hurting from this, the question was, how would she deal with it? Well we all deal with things differently!

To make Daniel jealous she went after Kane and CM Punk, AJ was an integral part of the WWE title picture at the time. Daniel, under pressure to become champion thought it best to keep AJ on side and would ask her to marry him. It worked, or so it seemed. During one of our lovely wedding angles as AJ said I do, she admitted it was not to the wedding but to Vince McMahon’s proposal, of her becoming Raw General manager. Daniel Bryan was beside himself with rage. AJ Lee, to punish Daniel, put him in therapy sessions with his new best friend Kane and the rest for DB is history.

For AJ Lee, she would go onto become Divas’ champion on three occasions, bring back women’s merchandise and would sow the seeds of the women’s revolution.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle love triangle

“Where is it written that a guy and a girl can’t be….just friends?” where indeed Kurt, I agree! However, this storyline proved that was not what he was looking for. The ultimate WWE love story, this story brought in millions of viewers for the summer of 2000, will it ever be bettered?

Kurt Angle joined the main roster in late 1999, as a heel who thought he was a hero to the fans, he got over extremely fast and was on the fast track to the main event. Triple H and Stephanie got married, under sketchy circumstances and had a reign of terror in WWE in late 1999 and early 2000. But by the summer of 2000, they were all at the mercy of the Commissioner Mick Foley.

Kurt struck up a friendship with Stephanie which often include her getting involved in his matches, including the King of the Ring 2000. HHH seemed slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation and let it be known. Unfortunately he had his own problems. While showing the scheming Trish Stratus how to get out of a move Steph walked in on them in a compromising situation, sowing the seeds of doubt in Stephanie. Who did she run to? Kurt Angle.

Eventfully Vince McMahon would step in and instruct Kurt and Triple H to get along or neither one would have a future in WWE. Triple H and Kurt would form an uneasy alliance which didn’t last too long. By the last episode of SmacDown before Summerslam 2000, Stephanie had been hurt during a match where Triple H and Kurt were teaming up.

Triple H brought her to the back leaving Kurt to fend for himself, but soon after, Kurt turned the tables on Triple H, and left him alone in the match to check on Stephanie. Reminiscent of the Macho Man, Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth storyline, Kurt checked on Stephanie in the back as she lay dazed. Then, the moment we waited all summer for finally happened, he kissed her, Stephanie resisted for a moment but eventually gave into her desires.

The storyline was full of so many twists and turns, surely the conclusion would be as brilliant as the rest of the storyline. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, it ended quite abruptly, with no real payoff for Kurt. Triple H beat him in a match at Unforgiven 2000 and Stephanie stayed with her husband. One can only imagine how Kurt would have done had he won Stephanie’s heart, but alas that story was not to be.

Be that as it may, this was the ultimate WWE love story. Steph played a woman torn between two men, extremely well. She loved Triple H, but was quickly falling for Kurt, who was always there when she needed him. Kurt, genuinely seemed to care for Steph and played a heel to perfection throughout. Triple, H went from top heel to someone fans could rally behind. Now Kurt is the General Manager of Raw and Stephanie the Commissioner, oh the possibilities!

This storyline should be the blueprint for how to get any kind of storyline over and get people to tune in each week, it was the ultimate WWE love story.

The End.

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