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The Art of Pro Wrestling

I have a public service announcement. It is the best kept secret in the entire world. This announcement is so revealing. It is a secret that nobody in the universe has ever heard in their lives before. Professional wrestling is scripted and pre determined! Sense the sarcasm yet in this article?

Many casual fans and those unfamiliar with the sports entertainment business always want to try and remind wrestling fans that wrestling is fake. In some ways I understand. They just know what they see on TV. They do not factor in the fact that the human body was not made to bump in a ring so many times and it takes a toll on the performers. Most of them aren’t actually educated about the genre. In a lot of ways calling it “fake” is their way of calling it a work. Using that word to describe a wrestler’s line of work will offend a lot of pro wrestlers that have sacrificed blood, sweat, tears, and time with their families. Just ask Dana White about how calling wrestling “fake” caused a stir among a lot of the wrestlers around the world.

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Just the other day while watching Extreme Rules a family member of mine states “I do not see the point of it if it’s fake.” You would think they would learn by now. Professional wrestling is no different from any show or movie out there. It is a story driven environment that showcases good vs. evil. It is athletic theater. It takes two athletes to get into the ring and put on a show while telling a story. Again those wrestlers know the outcome but have to do some improvising on the fly to build towards the finish of a match. Knowing that outcome is decided before hand does not lessen the impact of a great performance for the fans and the wrestlers. A good example is graduating. A student graduating college knows the date of the ceremony before it happens. They know that the degree will be in their hands. However it doesn’t lessen the great feeling of graduating when they finally receive the degree.

The athletes are playing characters. This is no different than Christian Bale playing Batman. He’s not really Batman. Yet people will rave about how good The Batman movie is. Every movie and show out there is pre determined just like a Monday Night Raw.

Professional wrestlers are probably the most unappreciated athletes in the world. Yes, I do believe that they are athletes. If what they do was so easy everyone would do it. Those men and women have to remain in peak physical shape to handle the grind on being on the road 300 days a year. The mental toughness that these performers have shouldn’t be underestimated either. Most of them don’t even get to be a part of their child’s lives because they’re busy performing on TV to entertain all of us.

The critics will never go away. They make being a wrestling fan fun in some ways. They’ll continue to blindly remind us that wrestling is fake. That the blood we see is ketchup and not actual blood. That every injury is pretend and nobody ever feels pain. This is a constant. However, another constant is arenas will continue to sell out. Families will continue to watch and be entertained. Professional wrestling will continue to be a dominant force in pop culture. One thing is for sure though, at least wrestling is a sport that does not hide the fact that they’re fixed.

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