The Arrival of Sting Makes WWE Whole Again

Sting Night of Champions 2015

The WWE has found a way to appease its fans after a mediocre pay-per-view that left fans both elated and clamoring for resolution.

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe that is the best way to say things were not as successful as the company had hoped, given SummerSlam was a four hour event where fans were left either loving the events of Sunday night, or questioning if any of the creative writers know how to write an ending to a match.

If bringing back The Dudley’s to the tag team division wasn’t enough, Seth Rollins will now face Sting at Night of Champions. Not everything is fixed in Vince McMahon’s circus (oh, by the way, he turned 70 on Monday) but then again, it never is. What this does, however, is entice the fans to get excited about a pay-per-view in Houston that is only 25 days away.

They say they like to do things big in Texas. Nothing could be bigger than having The Icon wrestle for the WWE World Title, a strap Rollins retained in the most controversial way just three nights ago.

The arrival of Sting is both a solid move by management and a curious one by myself. John Cena is now without the United States Title, which he is entitled to a rematch. What happens to the strap if Rollins holds both titles, one of which will not be defended at NOC?

Much like Brock Lesnar getting screwed out of the World Title at Battleground by the Undertaker’s appearance, I guess the WWE will forget all about those two incidents. But now, all eyes are on Rollins, the center of the WWE’s heavyweight title division and a man who could be one of only a handful of champions in WCW, TNA, and WWE. It may be a short title reign, but I can see Sting as a bridge champion between Rollins and Sheamus. Just a lot of food for thought.

The move to bring in Devon and Bubba Ray is a masterstroke and a real shot of adrenaline for a division that sorely misses Jimmy and Jey Uso as well as Tyson Kidd. I’m not sure what happens once Kidd returns to the WWE from injury because Cesaro’s singles run has been on point. The Usos would present a solid opponent for the “newcomers” as would The Prime Time Players and The New Day.

The Dudleys may be the greatest tag team in the history of the business, only second to The Road Warriors. They are known as 23-time World Tag Team Champions. They are the only team to have held the WWE, WWF, ECW, WCW, NWA, TNA, and IWGP Tag Team Championships. During their time as Aces & Eights, Bubba Ray was TNA World Heavyweight Champion on two occasions, while Devon was Television Champion. In 2014 at Slammiversary XII, Team 3D (as a team) were selected as that year’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame.

[adinserter block=”2″]And their legend of using tables as a weapon grows with every match they enter a wrestling ring.

Maybe the best thing about Raw was the two main issues that needed to be resolved from SummerSlam look less and less important now. John Cena (with Ric Flair) confronted Stewart and received an AA for his troubles. The opening vignette with Paul Heyman and his issues with the results of Brock Lesnar tapping out to The Undertaker are a little more pressing, but they still seem a little less trivial. Hopefully, there will another match between the two heavyweights.

Is that Hell in a Cell that I hear calling? It could be. No, it should be.

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