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The 3-hour WWE RAW debate is over: Inside The Wheelhouse

It’s time for an important wrestling debate to end. It’s a move that a majority of wrestling fans have tried to force the WWE to make since over the summer. Typically at the end of the day, “the customer” always does seem to be “right” but this time around the product was right in their judgment.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ladies and gentleman, its official, the “3-hour RAW debate is over.”

Many wrestling fans, including myself, questioned the ability of WWE pulling this off because it would be very hard for a wrestling company to keep a very “A.D.D. laden society” entertained for a good 3 hours. Plus it doesn’t help that there was a bad taste left in the mouths of many wrestling fans after WCW tried the same “3-hour tactic” in the late-90s. What the 3-hour Nitro’s did for WCW in the end was bury the product and all WWE to speed right past them in the “Monday Night Wars.”

So with a ton of flack and apprehension at the hands of wrestling fans (shocking, I know), the WWE had an uphill battle to try and overcome. But as time has gone on I believe the Monday Night RAW product has gotten better during the 3-hour era of the program. Sure it’s not “action-packed” at every moment of the show but it has added to the WWE product what fans wanted the most, wrestling.

Since RAW moved to 3-hours the WWE has given wrestling fans 78% more wrestling. You read that correctly, the WWE has given you the wrestling fan, MORE wrestling. Isn’t that what you wanted all along?

Stars like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett have been given the opportunity to grow on the WWE’s main show. Let’s face it, not many wrestling fans tune in on Friday night’s simply because it’s Friday night, so the more stars on RAW, where people are watching more, the better for the future of the product.

Another thing fans wanted the WWE to do: make new stars. If RAW was still 2 hours it’s safe to say that some of the names I just mentioned would not be showcased on RAW and could be on various other minor shows such as a Smackdown or Main Event. So another concern fans had for the WWE and the company solved it, what debate is left then?

Let’s recap here. Wrestling fans wanted more wrestling, check. Wrestling fans wanted the WWE to make new stars, check. And this was all done during the time RAW was moved to 3-hours, yes admit it.

[adinserter block=”2″]As time has gone on I have noticed that wrestling fans are no longer complaining about RAW being 3-hours on various social media sites. Now that’s not saying wrestling fans are complaining anymore, c’mon lets be honest that’ll never happen but there focus is off of something they immediately trashed and never embraced. The debate is over, the WWE was right and moving RAW to a 3-hour show was the correct move for this current product.

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  1. WCW's 3 hour Nitros failed largely in part because the 1st hour ended up being dedicated to backstage nonsense, interviews, and promos without a single match taking place. For whatever reason, the people in charge at that time felt that it was best to just hype the card for the 2 hours that Nitro was head to head with RAW in the 1st hour rather than get people hooked with great matches and action. Nitros 1st hour technically just became a crappy info-mercial. Had they provided fans with some in ring action that was worth watching in the 1st hour, people may have stuck around more.


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