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Texas School Shooting: Teen Shoots 19 Students in Elementary School

Barely 10 days had passed since one of the worst tragedies of the decade occurred in the US where a shooter opened fire at black people in a Buffalo supermarket as part of a hate crime. And now, another devastating tragedy has struck the United States, and this time it is the little children who were the victims.

According to reports, a teenage shooter opened fire at a class full of children after storming into an elementary school in Texas. The incident occurred on Tuesday and reportedly 19 children and two adults have been claimed to have died in the shooting.

The motive of the shooter is yet to be deduced by the authorities however he was also killed by the police during the crossfire. Here are details we have received so far about the heinous shooting incident:

The Events That Occurred

The teenage shooter did not just take the life of little kids and teachers, but also his own family. According to authorities, the shooter had apparently shot his own grandmother and then proceeded to flee from the crime scene in a getaway car.

Later on, he crashed his gateway car in front of Robb Elementary School situated in the town of Uvalde, Texas. Police claim that the shooter came out of his crashed car covered in body armor and carrying a rifle. The law enforcement proceeded to engage the suspect however he still managed to charge inside the school and opened fire.

The Casualties

According to Pete Arredondo, the chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department, the elementary school consisted of second, third, and fourth-grade children whose ages ranged from 7 to 10 years.

The latest report claim that a total of 19 children from that age group were killed in the shooting and two elementary teachers also died. The other injured children and people were taken to the nearest hospital to receive emergency treatment. A public appeal for blood donation was also issued in the area as the hospital staff was running out.

The Suspect

Authorities have identified the teenage shooter’s identity and his name is Salvador Ramos. The teenager has been reported to be 18-years-old. Salvador was killed during the crossfire after engaging with the police. Governor Greg Abbott said that two police officers were also caught in the gunfire however, their injuries were not serious.

The President’s Grievances

President Joe Biden looked visibly shaken while addressing the incident from the White House and shared his grief over the huge amount of casualties. He also urged the people of the nation to stand up against the US Gun Lobby and said: “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?”

The motives of the teenager have yet to be known and the authorities have claimed that he was working alone and it was a lone act of shooting.



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