Terry Funk speaks out on ECW, Hardcore Justice, and more


Terry FunkOn Tuesday August 24th we had the pleasure to interview wrestling living legend Terry Funk on The Wheelhouse. We spoke with Terry Funk for 30 minutes as he discussed his wrestling career, promoted his appearance at ROH Glory by Honor IX and more in great sit down interview with the living legend. The show was one of our best interviews to date.

Terry Funk is a former NWA, USWA and ECW World Champion and was inducted in 2009 along with his brother Dory Funk Jr. into the WWE Hall of Fame. Terry is probably most remembered by modern day fans for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling where he helped raise the level of ECW to what most fans remember it today. The Funker is not only a living legend but a hardcore icon in professional wrestling.

It was truly an honor and privilege to talk with Terry Funk for 30 minutes, here are some quotes from the interview (the link to where you can download the show is available at the bottom of the page).

On the state of wrestling:

“Wrestling should always be an extension of his own personality. I think that actors aren’t wrestlers and wrestlers aren’t actors, wrestlers are wrestlers. I’m not really fond of the much control that they put on their product as they do in New York [WWE], I think the individuals should be given a bit more control and be able to be themselves a bit more then the characters that they do. I feel ROH accomplishes that.”

[adinserter block=”1″]On the end of ECW:

“They forgot what was meant by the word Extreme just be evolving. Extreme at first was a bunch of guys busting their asses to give you the best they were physically capable of doing and it wasn’t with garbage lids, pails and other stuff…they went the other way at the end and I think that was the wrong road to travel…we all have to have our extreme matches but you have to build it on a foundation and that up there [ECW] was built on a foundation.”

On if he was asked to be at TNA HardCore Justice:

“Well I think that they knew I wasn’t gonna go, you know I made the statement before that I’m not going down there…I don’t want to go down there and if I wanted to go I’d call em up and tell em’ I wanted to be there…it wouldn’t be bad if they made the gesture but they knew I wouldn’t go. Nor did I want to be in the ring at that time, so what am I going to be some idiot at ringside? Oh look there’s Terry Funk and look at how old he is now.”

[adinserter block=”2″]Terry Funk also tells us his thoughts on Vince McMahon, Jim Cornette, Ring of Honor wrestling, an altercation with a promoter who tried to sue him and more in a great 30 minute interview with the wrestling legend himself!

You can download the entire interview right now by going to www.wheelhouseradio.com and clicking on “podcasts.”

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*Terry Funk will be appearing at ROH Glory by Honor IX in New York City, NY at the Manhattan Center on September 11th signing autographs prior to the IPPV. For more info visit www.rohwrestling.com

You can download the entire 30 minute interview now by going to www.wheelhouseradio.com and heading to “podcasts.” Then while your there download our wrestling podcast The Still Real to Us Show this Thursday August 26th @ 8pm ET/5pm PT at www.wheelhouseradio.com or www.wrestlechat.net!

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