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“Terrifying” Tom Cruise Interview with Australian Journalist Resurfaces After 17 Years

You don’t see Cruise losing his cool so often.

Tom Cruise’s latest movie “Top Gun Maverick” just hit the theatres on 27 May and has been performing splendidly with the audience and critics equally appreciating the beauty of the film. So it is kind of obvious that the gossip about the actor is bound to increase on social media. And what comes along with it is a very old video.

Who could forget the awkward but scary moment when Tom Cruise snapped and had a staredown with the Australian reporter. And every time a Tom Cruise gets premiered, the same video which is apparently 17 years old now, resurfaces just like a tradition.

So what exactly caused Tom to snap so bad and what events followed? Here is everything we know about it so far:

What Was the Interview About?

The interview dates back to 2005 when the actor now 59, was interviewed on the TV show called 60 Minutes. In the interview, Tom was quizzed by Australian journalist Peter Overton however, soon enough, the journalist brought up the failed marriage of the actor with Nicole Kidman.

The interview was taking place about 4 years after the two had a divorce. Tom was married to Nicole, 54 between the years 1990 and 2001 and the two shared an adopted son named Connor who is now 27, and a daughter Isabella aged 29.

At that time, it seemed like Tom was not really in the mood to talk about his relationship with Nicole and he snapped soon after the topic of their marriage was brought up.

Events of the Interview

Peter asked Tom if Nicole was the love of his life to which Tom looked awkward and replied: “What do you, what do you mean, Peter?”. To this, Peter pointed out that they were married for 10 years to which Tom replied in a flustered manner and said that he planned to remarry.

The questions continued with Peter trying out his luck and going deeper and asking more questions about Nicole like whether he would like Nicole to remarry. However, soon enough the question that finally snapped Tom came up.

Peter asked: “And do you have a relationship where you talk? To a parenting relationship? To talk professionally about each others’ business?”. A frown soon appeared on Tom’s face and he hit back and said that he was stepping over a line but Peter was quick to reply and said that these were questions that people wanted to know.

Tom, visibly angry but still maintaining his tone replied: “Peter! Peter. You want to know. Take responsibility for what you want to know. Don’t say ‘what other people’. This is a conversation I am having with you right now… Okay. So. I’m just telling you right now, okay? Just… put your manners back in.”

Tom quickly asked if Tom thought he was out of line and soon apologized for it later. The video that resurfaced now has sparked debate about Tom and how frightening he was. Some also debated whether he was overly sensitive about it.

Tom married Katie Holmes later in 2006 but the marriage ended in a divorce again in 2012.



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