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Ten Things That Really Grind My Gears About The WWE

WWE Kayfabe t-shirtsLet me preface my saying I’ve been a longtime wrestling fan and blah blah. I enjoy all of the different wrestling organizations out there but like many people, I focus mainly on WWE. No shame in that. It’s what I grew up watching and it’s what I will always have a personal investment in. As I always tell people, if you were able to stomach WWE circa 2004-2006 you’ll probably watch anything.

10 – How is “I am Perfection” NOT Dolph Ziggler’s theme song? It’s difficult to watch as they continue to knock the legs out from under this talented performer. The Show Off routine is not clicking so stop forcing the circle shape into the square hole.

[adinserter block=”2″]9 – ‘Trending’ as a term needs to be abolished. WWE’s obsessive compulsive relationship with Twitter has been out of hand for some time now. What good is it that “Hoeski” and “Kung Pow Bitch” are trending? Where’s the profit in that?

8 – The end of the world as we know it. Was really the beginning of blandness as we’ve come to accept it. It seems like the WWE is resistant to really get behind Jericho’s character, which leads me to believe he’s actually not sticking around for too long.

7 – Who are the tag champions? I mean, I know that they are Primo and Epico. But WHO are they? We know they can wrestle and we know that Rosa can dance. What’s the incentive to care? They don’t strike me as villains. Mainly because in my book, being able to wrestle immediately makes anyone a baby face.

6 – Kayfabe shirts. Probably resulted in a huge surge for the word ‘Kayfabe’ in Google search. I think this was a tactical error by the WWE and they will quickly sweep this one under the carpet. This isn’t tongue in cheek like the Job Squad was years ago. It’s blatant pandering to the ‘in the know’ fans. Much like the anti-Cena shirts it’s also about 5 years too late. Also, you can make these shirts in your basement. What a rip off.

5 – What the Funk? Did it bother someone backstage that big Brodus was able to get a reaction from the crowd despite being saddled with a horrendous gimmick? He’s been entertaining and in an era of crew cut, suit wearing, slow speaking drones he stands out as a TRUE character. You know, like ones we loved growing up. He may be back soon, but there’s no reason he should have left. I don’t buy the rumors that there was concern with his wrestling ability. Put him in a match that lasts more than 2 minutes then make that call.

6 – The General Managers. They should not be involved with the World Champions, nor should they be rooting for the other brand’s respective champion. That only further deludes and complicates the fact that we still have two different champions. Also, please don’t involve other strong characters who’ve not been on TV much in the past few months. I’m all for exposure and a paycheck, but the worst way to get someone like Christian on the Mania card is to lump him into a match to fight for a non-wrestler’s authority over the brands.

5 – The Miztake. Send home the 5 year old brain trust who has decided that sticking it to the Miz’s character is more important than using him to elevate someone else or ::gasp:: evolving him into something fresh. It seems like a waste considering all the time that has been spent over the past two years building up this young superstar from awful to awesome.

4 – Speaking of a waste. Mark Henry was built up as the most dominating and unstoppable force since…well let’s just say it’s been awhile. He evoked a fond memory of how well Yokozuna was handled during his initial run to the title. Since Mark’s return from nagging injuries he has dropped numerous decisive losses to a variety of upper to top of the card talent. Again, why put in the hard work to elevate someone when you aren’t going to capitalize on it? There are quite a few struggling midcard acts that would have benefited greatly from toppling the monster.

3 – The Unfortunate One. Again, my problem is not with the man but the machine behind him. Drew McIntyre may be what many are calling the Internet’s newest pet project, but this is an issue that’s been around for quite some time. Let this guy go out there and tear it up. He’s got the size and the skills, he can incite the crowd with his smarmy tone, and he’s got one hell of an aggressive drive when allowed to show it. Unlike Zach Ryder, this is someone who I actually buy into as a legit threat. Not so much now though. Seems like Tony Chimmel could beat him at this point.

[adinserter block=”1″]2) The WWE Network. How about that ever changing launch date? A bunch of yes men populate the upper management positions within WWE. It’d be nice is someone could admit that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. It’s the same problem that has plagued the creative team for years. You want Hollywood writers? Hire someone who’s actually worked on an acclaimed show. You want comedy? Hire a successful comedian. You want continuity in a storyline? Hire a fact checker. You want a network? Hire someone with broadcasting experience who can take the overabundance of raw media and filter it into a successful cable channel.

1 – The Undertaker’s Hair. Unless his head will be on fire ala Ghost Rider I’m not looking forward to this new look.


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