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Ten Of The Sleaziest WWE Angles and Moments In History

Fans were outraged when the WWE turned Jerry Lawler’s heart attack into an angle with Lawler, CM Punk, and Paul Heyman. Some called it the most disgusting moment in WWE history. Was it? What better way than to look back at the ten sleaziest angles and moments of our lifetime.

[adinserter block=”1″]What is a sick or disgusting WWE angle? Where are the boundaries? If the boundary was Jerry Lawler’s heart attack, than I hate to tell you but it gets a lot worse than that. A reminder of some of the WWE’s most tasteless segments makes Lawler’s heart attack angle look tame.

In no particular order here are the ten most tasteless angles and moments in WWE history. Did I miss one? Do you disagree? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Jerry Lawler-CM Punk-Paul Heyman Heart Attack segment – Let’s get this one right out of the way. If you missed it, Heyman faked a heart attack the night Lawler returned after suffering a real life heart attack. Additionally CM Punk threatened to kill him making this one even more fun and PG. Was it tasteless? I would say so but it was hardly as over the line as some made it to be. Did I have a problem with it? No, but it doesn’t make it right. Quite frankly I thought it was less tasteless than Michael Cole using Lawler’s deceased mother to get their angle over but what do I know?

Triple H-Kane-Katie Vick angle – Quite possibly the most disgusting storyline of all WWE stories came when Triple H and Kane feuded in a preposterous yet disgusting storyline. The idea was that Hunter revealed that Kane had killed his high school crush, Katie Vick as a result of drunk driving. Detective Triple H also revealed that the autopsy had traces of Kane’s man stuff on the body, suggesting an act of necrophilia. It got even better when Triple H dressed up as Kane and pretended to have his way with Katie’s corpse. This gem has been used numerous times by Linda McMahon’s opponents in her senate campaigns. Poetic justice perhaps for the McMahons?

Beaver Cleavage – For whatever reason Vince McMahon has always had a fascination with incest. On several occasions Vince has flirted with the idea of writing storylines that involved some sort of incest whether it was brother and sister, father (Vince) on daughter (Stephanie), etc. Luckily most of them never made it to television but this one Oedipus storyline did, for a few weeks anyway. The angle featured Mosh of the Headbangers in a Leave it to Beaver parody (way to get with the times with Vince) in which he made sexual references at his smoking hot mother. The angle only lasted a couple of weeks but yet it still remains one of the most bizarre angles in WWE history.

John Heidenreich dominates Michael Cole – Ah just when you thought it couldn’t get any sleazier we go from mother-son to a good old fashioned male rape segment. How this one made it to television still boggles my mind to this day. The segment showed Heidenreich overpowering a quivering Michael Cole giving the impression that he forced himself on the WWE announcer. But have no fear? Mike was only kidnapped because Big John wanted to read him poetry.

Shawn Michaels and GOD vs. the McMahons – To some people reading this blog or who watched this angle play out, this was by far the most offensive of all. I am not as sensitive to religion as some but this was just a complete and utter mockery of religion. It was distasteful and quite insulting to Shawn’s reborn Christian lifestyle he has outside of wrestling. I just hope that Vince gets the address right when he sends GOD his royalty check.

Piggy James – Maybe this didn’t offend you but it was a highly tasteless angle and storyline. The bottom line here is that Layla and Michelle McCool made fun of Mickie James’ weight by calling her Piggy James. There are thousands if not millions of young girls that watch the WWE throughout the year. Watching this act of bullying on television every week over a girl who quite frankly looked great was disturbing and a great inside look into the sick mind of Vince McMahon.

Muhammad Hassan – How can anyone forget about the WWE’s favorite terrorist at the height of war between the United States and terrorists? Quite honestly it really wasn’t much different than the Nazi and Russian characters that fought wrestling heroes of the past but this one just seemed to cut a little closer to home. The angle hit new lows when the WWE did an angle with Hassan and a bunch of terrorists attacking The Undertaker which aired on SmackDown the same day as a terrorist attack in London. Stay classy WWE!

The Eddie Guerrero Exploitation –
Of all angles here and ever I don’t think the WWE has ever written an angle as low and disgusting as the angle involving Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio over the late Eddie Guerrero. The Mysterio-Orton angle hit its lowest point with Orton telling the world that Eddie was in hell. Yes its storyline but he still has a family and there were plenty of fans, friends, and family of Eddie’s that were highly offended. Eddie’s brother Chavo also got into the fun by bringing up Eddie’s name and accusing Mysterio of leeching off of Eddie’s name. The whole thing was just sick and makes the Lawler-heart attack segment look tame.

[adinserter block=”2″]Dawn Marie and Al Wilson – Who can forget this beauty? This crazy angle saw Dawn Marie marry Al Wilson only to get to his daughter Torrie Wilson. Hey listen I can’t blame anyone for doing whatever they need to do to get to Torrie but this one was just creepy. The angle “peaked” so to speak when Dawn killed Al with too much love making. The whole thing is just bizarre, ridiculous, and sleazy on so many levels. Good luck explaining that one to your kids during SmackDown.

Hawk’s suicide attempt – We’ll end this fine list of WWE shining moments with a mock suicide attempt live on Monday Night RAW. The late Road Warrior Hawk got so out of control with his drinking that he wanted to end it all on live television. All of the guys “broke character” and tried talking Hawk down. Of course this sick story actually turned quite humorous when thanks to a delay where a stick (meant to be Hawk) was pushed over the ledge. I don’t know. To me anytime you try and mock or dramatize suicide on live television is classless and inappropriate, especially for young audiences.

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  1. Man, the Kane necropheliac angle is etched in my head. I was probably 8 to 10 years old watching this on television just flabbergasted. That’s actually the angle that lead me to this article. I’m 23 now and haven’t watched much wrestling in years, but that stood out so much to me that I just had to Google it and see if I was remembering incorrectly. Turns out I wasn’t. And I did indeed watch a man rape a dead girl on Monday night Raw. Wow.

  2. I remember being a kid when Pillman won or took hostage of Marlena and pretty much made her be his slave for a while, and still thinking, wow, this is pretty messed up. These thoughts were quickly vanquished because Marlena was a smokin' hottie!

  3. Katie Vick in a landslide, Eric. Crass, tasteless, creepy, sexist … you name it, it had it all. On a Sleaze-o-Meter of 1 through 10, we could debate the others, but I'd give the Katie Vick angle a 20.

    • That just goes to show WWE+Death may equal ratings, but at the cost of thousands of offended casual viewers.
      While I personally think the Lawler-Punk and Heyman segment was just a desperate attempt at cheap heel heat for Punk, it truly is tame compared to what WWE has done before in the past.


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