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Ten Pieces of Talent in TNA Wrestling That Are Dead Weight

The Hardys taser Reby SkySo, after doing a top ten list for the ten best unsigned female wrestlers (which you can find on my blog at, I decided that maybe another one was in order.

It was a fun list and relatively easy for me to put together, so why not do another one? From there, I had to think, what could I do that would be relatively easy to put together and could be fun and entertaining at the same time. Surprisingly, it led me to an idea for TNA Wrestling, a company that the words “fun” and “entertaining” rarely ever apply to.

Regardless of what some people might think, I’d love to see TNA succeed as a company, as pro wrestling, at the mainstream level, needs competition. We all know WWE is the top company around, but in regards to competition, TNA is the company that has the best chance of being competition.

However, there are a lot of problems with this company (I won’t dwell on them all here) that are holding them back, one of which is talent. There is plenty of talent in the company, but there are a lot of people in the company who are lacking in the talent department are doing nothing but taking up space and holding the company back.

Now, I won’t go with the obvious of people like Hogan, Jarrett, Russo, Bischoff, etc., as we all know the problems they cause; I’m talking about actual wrestlers who are nothing but dead weight to the company, regardless of what those in TNA would have you believe. These are wrestlers that are simply wastes of money and/or taking up television time and space that could be devoted to far more talented wrestlers. So now, I present to you 10 Pieces of Talent in TNA That Are Dead Weight. (Note: I will be focusing on in-ring competitors here, so total wastes of space like Karen Jarrett will be omitted.)

[adinserter block=”2″]10. EL ZORRO
Starting with number 10 is a name that, unless you’re a lucha libre fan, you may have never heard. Hell, you’re probably thinking I’m making this up and that there’s no one named El Zorro working for TNA. And while I certainly understand why you’d think that, you’re wrong. For those that don’t know, El Zorro is a star in AAA in Mexico, and is fact the man Jeff Jarrett beat to win the Mega Championship. Now, there is really nothing wrong with Zorro, as he’s a fairly decent wrestler. Not the best, but far from the worst. However, in this case, he’s dead weight. Why, do you ask? Because Zorro has been under contract to TNA, yet has never made ONE SINGLE APPEARANCE for the company. When I say that, I’m not talking just television; he has never wrestled on Xplosion or even on a TNA house show. Basically, he’s been paid the last 8 months to do nothing more than continue working in AAA. If TNA wants to hire international wrestlers such as Zorro, that’s fantastic. But why don’t they, you know, use the wrestler so the money’s not wasted? Just a thought. And people in the company wonder why they get compared to WCW during it’s dying years.

Although Okada has made a few appearances on the TNA’s show, they have been few and far between. In fact, his last appearance was being on the receiving end of a total squash courtesy of D’Angelo Dinero. Aside from that, he has done nothing but act as Samoa Joe’s limo driver and pretend to be Kato from “The Green Hornet”, something that Dixie Carter thinks was brand new when the Seth Rogen movie came out. And maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen much out of his in-ring work, but what he has shown me just sucks. He could be better than this, I don’t know, but again, when you’ve got a wrestler under contract that never wrestles, who the hell knows how good or bad he is?

God, I feel like a broken record at this point. Murphy hasn’t been on the show for around 2 or 3 months now, and even when he was on the show, didn’t do jack aside from getting squashed by literally everyone on the roster. And he is just a lumbering oaf in the ring to boot. At least his former partner, Gunner, is slightly competent; Murphy’s friggin’ clown shoes.

You know, just because you’re big doesn’t mean you’re talented. When even Vince McMahon-who as we all know gets major chubbies for big guys-can’t get past your size because you suck so insanely badly in the ring, it’s time to reconsider your career choice. If you don’t believe me in regards to Terry’s sloppiness, take a look at his match with the aforementioned Murphy from a couple months back.

I have never been impressed with the former Rob Eckos. He’s a sub-par worker at best, and his pseudo-charisma is completely forced. In all honesty, the only thing that makes him worth watching is the fact that Becky “Cookie” Bayless comes to the ring with him. When your best quality is your valet, it’s time you got the hell off my TV screen.

You know, I used to be somewhat of a Winter fan during her WWE/ECW days. She was good-looking, wore sexy outfits and was paired up with the criminally underrated Paul Birchill, so there was no reason really dislike her. Ever since she has been in TNA, though, everything I liked about her is now hidden behind everything about her that sucks. To start, is it just me, or has does she actually get more and more pale by the week? In a couple months, she’ll be as white as Sheamus. Aside from that, now that she’s gotten all of this exposure, her flaws are shining through. She is atrocious on the microphone, has the acting ability of a gerbil, and is a botch fest in every one of her matches. I didn’t think it was possible to screw up something as basic as a sleeper hold, but she has managed to prove me wrong.

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Where in the name of Davey Crockett’s sweat-stained buckskins did they find this guy? Anarquia is one of the worst performers I’ve ever seen on a televised wrestling program in a very long time. He is actually worse than Hernandez on the microphone (and that’s saying something) and his in-ring ability is nil. The best comparison that I can come up with is he’s basically TNA’s version of David Otunga in that the only thing going for him is the fact that he’s got a decent look. Even then, Anarquia’s look is nothing special. Much like Otunga, he does nothing but punches and kicks while his far-more talented teammate does all the real work.

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Scott. His work with his brother Rick as the Steiner Brothers was incredible, and they are one of wrestling history’s best tag teams for a reason. Hell, I was even a fan of Steiner’s during his first run as a singles star in WCW when he was quite possibly the hottest heel in wrestling, second only to Vince McMahon. But time has not been kind to Steiner, and it’s really starting to show (that, and he hasn’t been kind to his body). Despite how he looks-and even then he’s starting to look bad with the concave chest and distended belly, Steiner is not healthy. He has chronic issues with his back and knees, not to mention permanent drop-foot syndrome (A name that I think would be cool for Gail Kim’s finisher, BTW). It shows in the ring, as watching him try to wrestle is about as exciting as watching a turtle walk at this point. He’s extremely slow and is notorious for botching moves. Aside from that, let’s be honest-the guy is out of his mind. Granted, it makes for some unintentionally hilarious promos, but Steiner is notorious for his short fuse and being a danger to work with as a result. The guy is a former world champion and has held countless titles all over the world. Really, what does he have left to prove? It’s time to hang it up.

Much like with Steiner, I was a huge fan of Sting back in the day. He is, in my opinion, one of the greatest stars of the late ‘80s to early ‘00s. It’s because of this that I want Sting to go away. Sting has absolutely nothing left to prove to anyone. He’s got a resume’ that speaks for itself, including multiple world title reigns and great matches with practically every major star of the last 30+ years. On top of that, Sting has invested his money wisely (unlike a certain “Nature Boy” who almost made the list) and really doesn’t need to work anymore. So, why is he still hanging on? Sting has never been one to go into business for himself and only do right by him, yet he is constantly winning TNA’s world title every couple of months or so, and is almost always the featured character or involved in the feature storyline on the company’s TV broadcasts.

This behavior benefits no one but Sting, a man who doesn’t need the benefit anymore. And again, much like Steiner, Sting is beginning to show his age and is really falling apart. If I’m not mistaken, he’s due for either shoulder or knee surgery yet again, yet he continues to keep wrestling. And for what? A few more title reigns that would be much more beneficial to someone else like A.J. Styles or Christopher Daniels? Sting should have retired at least 4 years ago (if not even longer), yet he keeps coming back. Meanwhile, the exorbitant amount of money that goes to his contracts could be used to bring in some new, hungry talent, or at the very least, give a raise to someone in the company who deserves the extra money (again, like Styles or Daniels). Whether Sting realizes it or not, he’s destroying his own legacy by hanging on, and I lose more and more respect for him with every passing week.

[adinserter block=”1″]1. MATT AND JEFF HARDY
Okay, so I cheated a little bit hear and am giving you a two-fer. It’s my column, shoot me. The main reason here is because where one Hardy goes, the other is surely to follow. I will try to keep this short, as I could be here all day with the problems surrounding the Hardlys. With Matt Hardy, you’ve got a discipline case who thinks he’s much greater than he actually is, who would rather spend time dicking around on Twitter and YouTube than focusing on his career. It’s because of this lack of interest in his career that has caused him to shoot his mouth off at every possible turn and burn every bridge he’s crossed as a result. I’d be willing to bet not even ROH would take him back at this point. And there’s also his weight issues. Now, he may be slightly leaner at this point (although it’s been a while since I’ve seen him), but it’s only a matter of time before he gets lazy again and turns into a tub of goo. He’s done it several times in the past. He will do it again. This brings us to little brother Meth Hardy.

Much like Fatt, the younger Hardy has a major attitude problem and thinks he’s greater than he is, going so far as to spout off random drunken rants directed at current WWE (and much more highly regarded) star CM Punk, not to mention blasting his brother’s girlfriend with a taser and uploading the video to YouTube for all of the world to see. I don’t think I really need to go into his drug problems, but I will at least briefly mention them. TNA, in their infinite wisdom, decided to put their world title on the guy in the middle of major legal issues involving drug trafficking and distribution.

To make matters worse, they actually did this TWICE. And this wasn’t just a one-time thing; Jeff’s had drug problems for years, and refuses to get help for it. In one of the most unprofessional acts I’ve ever seen, he allegedly showed to a TNA PPV completely blitzed out of his mind. Instead of scrapping his scheduled match with Sting or at the very least give Sting a replacement opponent, Dixie Carter and company thought it would be best to send Hardy to the ring to wrestle anyway, and Hardy wasn’t even coherent enough to climb the ring steps like a normal person. He was so out of it that Sting was ordered to squash him, which he did in 82 seconds. You would think that would have been the wake-up call to fire Jeff.

Instead, they keep him on the payroll and are in the process of giving him a brand new biography-style DVD. So, in simplest terms, TNA is giving it’s wrestlers and fans the impression that, if you’re somewhat of a star, you will be protected at all costs, even if you are a danger to yourself and others.

Honorable mentions include: Bully Ray, Crimson, Gunner, Jesse Neal, Mr. Anderson and Ric Flair (who almost made the list, but I kept him off because he doesn’t wrestle regularly anyway. Not that that’s a bad thing at this point).

Well, that does it for this time. Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a column outside of a recap here on Camel Clutch. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter at, and follow my personal blog at (which includes the aforementioned “Top 10 Unsigned Female Wrestlers” list). Oh, and if you like bodybuilding, check out my mom’s official site by clicking the banner below:

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See you next time!

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  1. I know Bully Ray was an honorable mention… but I think he should rate at least a 5 on this list. He is out of shape (even more than usual), his promo work is incoherent and pointless, and he doesn't have any sort of marketable look. And yet they keep pushing this guy as a complete monster heel when even Abyss looks to be in better shape. His in ring work is slow and sloppy, at best. Whatever they are paying this guy is way too much.

    • Believe me, there was a lot of people I could have put on this list, and I went back and forth on putting Ray on there (I probably should have). I agree with your feelings on Bully Ray 100%. If you'll notice in my TNA recap every week, I tend to single him out more often than not, and with good reason.

  2. What, out of interest, would have made Bully Ray a candidate? Sure, I don't think the bloke should be headlining, but he's delivered some amusing heel promos of late, and his match with Styles at Slammiversary showed he can work.

    Still, you could throw most of Immortal into a black hole and nobody would miss 'em.

    • Bully Ray should not be a main event singles star. He's a sub-par worker at best, and unless his promo involves a lot of yelling and foul language (think ECW), he's not that great on a mic, either. Plus, he's legitimately a bully in real life, a person that other wrestlers don't want to work with. In fact, when he and Devon's TNA contracts were up a year or so ago (whenever it was), they actually went to WWE to explore their options there as well. They were basically told "We only want Devon", because no one in the WWE at any level wanted Ray back.

      • Plus, he's legitimately a bully in real life, a person that other wrestlers don't want to work with.

        Not a star, no, but – for me, anyway – effective at getting others over. Styles, for example, could have slipped into obscurity after being elbowed from the main event scene but came out of his pointless feud with Ray looking strong.

        Still, if he's a legitimate bully you've got a point. Nobody should have to work with someone they don't trust.

        • Bully Ray may have put a few wrestlers over, but considering that he has no real singles career to speak of, beating Bully Ray in a singles match isn't that great of an accomplishment.

  3. It's hard to call any of the Knockouts dead weight, seeing as how they make so little. I think Jeff Hardy has a good amount left in the tank, but TNA has to make a decision with him soon. The Immortal racket is flailing in the wind.

    And Crimson shouldn't even sniff this list. His upside is much higher than Gunner's and is probably the best value in the company. Could definitely be a World Title holder in two years.

    • I'm not saying there's not potential there, but not only was he brought to the main roster before he was ready, but he's far from ready to be a top main eventer like they want him to be. In a couple of years, maybe, but not right now.

      • Ok maybe its a closer than I'd like to admit. but you need to toss all the people who are milking their fame from another company 5-10 years ago ( Angle, Jarrett, Dudleys, Sting, Anderson, Hogan, Bishoff, Flair). What you lose in name recognition you make up for in people who can actually perform.

        After you cut out the cashcows you restock the roster out of the indies. Your costs go down, your morale goes up because someone doesn't have to job to a has been and gets his fair shake at the end of the day and you pretty much sell yourself as the new wave of wrestling.

        There are days I wish I had the type of cash to buy Impact out from under them before they ruin it.

        • Like I said, I was focusing on in-ring talent, hence guys like Hogan and Bischoff were left off the list. But I do agree with cutting loose most of the WWE cast-offs that are currently employed with TNA, even Kurt Angle (who many still seem to love).

  4. Anarquia? Really? I like him better than Homicide, to be honest. That's probably because I look at it from an executive standpoint and realize that Anarquia's more likely to be a team player.

  5. Zorro is a very talented worker and could pop big in TNA if they used him right. He has also been injured in the last year and I suspect that has kept him out of TNA. He's lost some mobility, which means, in the big picture, he's still more agile than 90% of the TNA roster.

    I am surprised not to see Hogan as #1 on your list. He needs to quit and be done. I rarely watch TNA if he is on. He's simply a parasite on wrestling at this point.

    The rest of your list, especially about the Hardys, I agree….two wasted talents

    • Like I said, I kept Hogan off the list because he's no longer an active in-ring talent. Even with him supposedly wrestling Sting in the near future, he has only had one match since being with TNA. I wanted to focus on in-ring competitors.

      And I agree that Zorro is talented, but even with injuries, he has stayed active in the ring in AAA during the 8 months he has been signed to TNA.

      • Zorro's schedule is about half of what it was, he's wrestled about 39 times this year. Since 2008 he has worked less and less, and on his current path, he will wrestle less than 80 times this year.

        I really think Zorro's contract has more to do with Jarrett wanting a Mexican title and he bought it with Zorro.

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