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Tehran Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything To Know

Shortly after the first episode of the first season, Apple TV+’s Israeli television spy thriller drama Tehran was officially renewed for a second season on January 26, 2021. Tehran is an excellent mystery and drama series that has been favorably welcomed by international audiences. The TV show is one of Apple TV+’s most well-known originals.

The Director of the TV show is Daniel Skyrin. The first episode of the series was released on 22 June 2020.

Tehran Season 2 Release Date

On April 13, 2022, Apple TV+ released the trailer for Tehran season 2. We have all the details on the upcoming season’s release date, as well as the latest program news. On May 6, 2022, Tehran season 2 will air on Apple TV+.

The season will go off with two back-to-back episodes, followed by new weekly installments every Friday through June 17th. The season will have a total of eight episodes. According to Julien Leroux, the show’s executive producer from Paper Entertainment, filming for the second season began in December 2020.

With season 2 on the horizon, you can catch up on Tehran season 1 on Apple TV+ right now.

What’s the Plot?

The story mostly follows a Mossad agent on an undercover mission in Tehran, Iran’s capital.

Tamar, an Israeli operative and computer hacker who was born in Iran but raised in Israel, is entrusted with infiltrating an electric firm to turn off the power to Iran’s air defenses.

As a result, an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s nuclear power plant likely goes unnoticed. The mission goes horribly wrong, and the team is forced to sprint against the clock. Fazer notices Tamar with Zhila and investigates. With Fazar on her tail, Tamar will need support from family, friends, and strange acquaintances to get out of the country.

Despite the failure of the mission, the Israelis remain under threat. This means Tamar will have no choice but to rise and prepare to travel to Tehran to do the task. One thing is certain: in the second season, Tamar and Milad will become closer. Season 2 will also introduce several new characters who will assist Tamar in destroying the Iranian nuclear plant.

However, to complete her mission, she will need to devise a new strategy.

The cast of Season 2

Glenn Close is one of the prominent names we’ll see in the second season of Tehran. Close has received numerous Academy Award nominations and will be a series regular in the forthcoming season.

According to Apple, she will portray Marjan Montazeri, a British woman who lives in Tehran. Shaun Toub plays Faraz, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ internal investigations chief, and Shervin Alenabi plays Milad, a young Iranian dissident, and hacker who gets trapped in Tamar’s web of lies.

With season 2 on the horizon, you can catch up on Tehran season 1 on Apple TV+ right now.



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