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Taz Debuts at TNA Victory Road 2009

Taz debuts at TNA

In the worst kept secret in pro wrestling, former WWE announcer Taz (Tazz) made a surprise debut in TNA Wrestling. Taz revealed himself as Samoa Joe’s advisor at TNA Victory Road. Taz will also be the newest member of TNA’s Main Event Mafia.

The former WWE announcer and ECW champion has been rumored to join TNA since leaving his previous job. Taz has been promoting TNA on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. TNA even promoted a video which all but confirmed Taz’s appearance. I don’t think anyone was surprised when he appeared in Samoa Joe’s corner last night at Victory Road.

As a matter of full disclosure, I will admit that I don’t watch a lot of TNA. Quite honestly I find the booking too confusing to keep up with. I still don’t understand the idea of turning Samoa Joe at the last show only to have him wrestle Sting at Victory Road? The Joe/Taz alliance would have made much more sense in my opinion leading TNA wrestlers against the Main Event Mafia.

While I am asking questions, I can’t understand why TNA continues promoting surprises on pay-per-views? I always understood that the whole idea of television was to sell a ppv. TNA uses their paying shows to promote television. TNA continue to reveal surprises on the big shows so fans will tune in that Thursday for the follow up. It is just mind boggling to me that this company has remained in existence for seven years.

I gave Victory Road the old college try. Once again, I am left scratching my head at TNA’s continued flawed booking. TNA announced the signing of Bobby Lashley on the show with a video. Lashley talked in depth about his newest challenge…Brock Lesnar. Lashley barely mentioned TNA and wound up talking about a guy who doesn’t even work there. This would be like Mick Foley going out on an interview talking about Vince McMahon for five minutes. Wait a minute!

As for the Human Suplex Machine, I am glad to see him back on national television. I just don’t see the point of bringing him in to jump into the M.E.M. The M.E.M is turning into the N.W.O. all over again. Anyone with a little bit of star power goes immediately into the Main Event Mafia, while TNA is left with guys “all in the same position as they have been for the last seven years,” according to Kevin Nash.

TNA Victory Road 2009 Results
Angelina Love def. Tara to become the new TNA Knockouts champion
Matt Morgan def. Daniels
Abyss def. Dr. Stevie in a no DQ match
Team 3D def. The British Invasion to retain the IWGP Tag Team Titles
Jenna Morasca (w/ Awesome Kong) def. Sharmell (w/ Sojo Bolt)
Kevin Nash def. AJ Styles to become the new TNA Legends Champion
Scott Steiner and Booker T def. Beer Money, Inc. to claim the TNA Tag Team Titles
Samoa Joe def. Sting
Kurt Angle def. Mick Foley to retain the TNA Heavyweight Title on Sunday at Victory Road

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