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Tashard Choice gets Michael Vick’s Autograph on the Field – Video

Michael Vick and Tashard ChoiceDallas Cowboys fans had a hard time going to bed Sunday night after another close loss. Fortunately, the players were able to recover a lot quicker specifically Tashard Choice. Choice hit his only hole of the night in the post game, ducking through reporters to get an autograph from Michael Vick.

[adinserter block=”2″]Most NFL fans would like to think that their team would be angry and upset after suffering a three point loss at home in prime time to their division rival. Sadly, some NFL players just don’t see these games the same way as their hardened fans. The lackadaisical attitude of the Dallas Cowboys this season was the main reason that Jerry Jones fired head coach Wade Phillips. I can’t imagine that what Jones hoped to see in closing out the season was one of his players rushing across the field on national television to get an autograph after a loss.

Tashard Choice has been getting a ton of heat from Cowboys fans as well as the blogosphere for his odd timing to get an autograph from Michael Vick following a home, prime time loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Choice doesn’t understand the problem.

“My little nephew, he’s two my bro asked so I did,” Choice said. Choice added on his Twitter, “Didn’t know we were on tv. I been knowing vick since tech. Its crazy they blowing this out of proportion.” “I don’t care about that we all exchange autographs. That’s so stupid for people to get mad at.” –

There are really two ways to look at this. On the one hand, as an Eagles fan if I saw Shady McCoy or DeSean Jackson getting Tony Romo’s autograph after a home loss I’d be irate. It was just two weeks ago that Derek Anderson was called out on national television for joking around during a game in which his team was losing, thanks to his bad play. Whether it is true or not, fans want to believe that their NFL team eats, breathes, and sleeps these games the same way they do. Newsflash, they don’t.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the other hand, in a TMZ era where professional athletes are called out all of the time for doing the wrong things I kind of like Tashard Choice a little more after hearing his explanation. I am an uncle and I can certainly relate to the love he has for his 3-year old nephew. Give me the guy that doesn’t care what people think, loves football, and is willing to run across the field on national TV to get his nephew over the player sulking in the corner after a loss that has two mistresses, barely speaks or even supports all of his children, and can’t be bothered by his nieces or nephews. Sorry that’s just me.

I’ll take this guy on my team any time!

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