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Takeaways From NFL Network Super Bowl XLVI Sound FX

Justin Tuck Super Bowl 46 speechNFL Films has outdone themselves with their latest Super Bowl XLVI Sound FX broadcast. The behind-the-scenes look at Super Bowl 46 is arguably the most revealing film you will ever see about one team’s Super Bowl win and one team’s Super Bowl loss.

[adinserter block=”2″]I can’t recommend this broadcast enough. If you are a New York Giants fan, you will come away with a whole new appreciation for your team. If you are a New England Patriots fan, you will come away with even more frustration about your team’s loss. If you are a football fan with no passion for either team, you will come away with a lot more respect for the Super Bowl 46 champions.

Rather than review the entire broadcast, I figured I would just list a few of the key takeaways from Super Bowl 46 Sound FX. Of course you can either watch the whole thing online or enjoy it on the big screen by catching one of the many replays you’ll see over the next several weeks on the NFL Network.

– Justin Tuck’s pregame speech to the defense was just awesome! As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I am supposed to hate the great players of our team’s rival. Unfortunately that won’t happen after watching his speech. He told the team that he has a ring and pointed to the guys that didn’t and told them to go get one. That was a man right there that I will bet you wouldn’t have been dancing without a shirt on if his team lost.

– Moments before arguably the greatest catch in the game by Mario Manningham, head coach Bill Belichick told the defense “This is still a Cruz and Nicks game. I know we’re right on them, it’s tight but those are still the guys. Make them go to Manningham, make them go to Pascoe. Let’s make sure we get Cruz and Nicks.” For a guy that is often referred to as a coaching genius, he certainly didn’t look too smart after seeing this film.

– Tom Brady is a hell of a leader. You can criticize Brady for the turnovers in the game but one thing you can’t take away from this guy is what a natural leader he is. Before kickoff Robert Kraft tells Brady that he “sees the look in his eyes”, and Brady responds, “I’ve had it for three days.” From coaching up Ochocinco after Chad’s 21-yard reception, to telling the offense to win the game on their terms, to coaching up the tight ends before the final play of the game, Tom Brady is the leader that almost every NFL team wished they had.

– I loved the clip where official Carl Paganelli asked Vince Wilfork whether the holding call on Kevin Boothe was a good call. Wilfork responds, “That was a bad call.” I am sure that clip will only make Giants fans more infuriated.

– One of the most revealing clips of the episode came from the third quarter courtesy of Giants linebacker Michael Boley. Boley goes over to the bench and tells the defense, “Hey, 87’s a (expletive) decoy, he’s a decoy. … He’s about to be outta here.” Everyone assumed going into the game that Gronkowski was just a decoy, yet Belichick put him out there anyway. Obviously he wasn’t fooling anyone so you have to wonder whether it was pointless to put an injured player at far less than a 100% to begin with.

[adinserter block=”1″]- The Giants defense was obviously getting into Brady’s head. A lot of commentators will say that about a defense and a QB during a game, but there was certainly some truth to that in Super Bowl 46. After throwing a deflected pass in the first quarter Brady said on the sideline, “it’s like throwing it in a forest.

Watching the game was fun, but watching Sound FX really gives you some fascinating context into the highs, lows, and frustrations that contributed to the final score of a great Super Bowl game.

Watch NFL Super Bowl XLVI Sound FX videos on NFL.com.

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